• March 8, 2021

Iluka – Eyes Closed EP Review

Iluka – Eyes Closed (Self Released)

Iluka latest EP is a cracker of a release, she is a fine singer songwriter with an amazing voice and some killer tunes and this EP shows why she is a person to watch out for. The opening track is a nice bluesy jazzy tune that has a really old school sound and vibes to it which is great and her voice is on fire. It’s a great upbeat way to start off the EP  It follows on with Day Too Soon which is a lovely tune laid-back and cruzzy, the guitar works really well here. Family Tree is a beautiful almost haunting tune with excellent use of the piano and her voice and lyrics are just outstanding here, my pick off the EP. Chase The Sun has a really nice use of the double bass and has old school jazz sound feel right to the tea and her lyrics are good and her vocals really stand out here. How Heartbeats Go is the anthem off the EP, its another pick off the EP for me as well. I like how the song is structured and written. Her vocals and the musicianship is excellent as is the lyrics. Iluka is a first class singer songwriter in Australia her voice, lyrics and songs are something special. She delivers something unique and fresh and I loved it. You will fall in love with her tunes and will want more. I certainly do.


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