• August 3, 2021

Broken Romeo – Desperation Daze (Self Released)

Broken Romeo – Desperation Daze (Self Released)

Broken Romeo is a America rock band who is the real deal, just a band doing it their way and their new album is a testament to that. There is album is different to their earlier album, this one is more about songwriting, structure, mixed with the melodies and grooves and it makes for a rocking listen. You’ve got songs like Believe, Hallelujah(Not a cover but an amazing well written song that sung amazingly fits the album perfectly), Raging Sea, which are like these brilliant balladry type anthems that show off  the bands songwriting and musicianship, as well as the lyrics and vocal which truly shines. Then songs like Mark of Cain, 1 In a Million, A Shame, Revelation, Is This Freedom shows off the band heavy rocking side which they can do with ease and the songwriting, musicianship, vocal are all first classic. This is a well produced album, the band is on fire here, the music is excellent, It is really just a good honest rock album, no BS, just bloody good songs that have something to say and you can feel it in every note and every lyric. This album is very much worth your time, I was hooked the moment I heard it.


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