• April 15, 2021

Haley Bowery & the Manimals. – Born Strange album review

Haley Bowery & the Manimals. – Born Strange (Self Released)

Born Strange is the debut album for Haley Bowery and her band the Manimals and it is a first class debut album that is well produced, performed and seriously rocking. The music is rock mixed with good old punk/glam and a dash pop and all together it sounds amazing. The first track which is the title track Born Strange kicks it off nicely,  a nice rocking number that shows off her vocals, songwriting, lyrics and the bands musicianship. Blitzed is one of my picks off the album, it’s just a good rock song, and a song I could see on the radio, it’s almost a ballad. It’s well written, performed and sung. 29 is a cracker of a track and another pick off the album, Haley voice is on fire, it’s a perfect choice to be the song to be the first single off the album, It’s kind a like an anthem, the song is solid, well written and performed. The lyrics are good and the song gels together nicely. Undertow reminds me a little bit of a Cat Power song mixed a bit of riot girl action and has something to say. Lobotomy is another pick off the album, love the bass intro at the start off the album which then Haley joins singing and gives it a jazz vibe to the start off the song, then launches into a rocking rock song that delivers with good lyrics, great chorus and great musicianship. Jukebox Dive is another pick, it’s a just a good song, with some fine vocals by Haley and great lyrics,, Haley lyrics are excellent as is the guitar playing on the song. Twelve Secrets is a straight up rock song, good guitar playing, good lyrics, and great musicianship from the rest of the band. Halloween is an upbeat rock song that hints of punk and it’s a good catchy tune that has great musicianship, good use of backing vocals and everything works together nicely. Dream of the Chelsea Hotel is a good song with great lyrics, solid vocals and the chorus is excellent. The drumming is really good here. All Lies finishes off the album nicely is another pick off the album, remind me a little bit of one my favorite bands Green Pyramids, the song is well written, the arrangement of the song is excellent, the use of guitar through out the song is nicely done, the bass and drum work well together in harmony. This is a fine first class debut album for a talented artist and her band who are seriously going places, this could be my album of the year. I loved it from start to finish, everything about this album is amazing. I hope they make it to Australia one day.

Haley Bowery & the Manimals


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