• August 3, 2021

Furyon – Gravitas Album Review

Furyon – Gravitas (Frontier Records)

Furyon are a British metal band who have released their debut album Gravitas, their style of metal is melodic and seriously rocking. From the opening track Disappear Again which won me over with its awesome hooks, riffs and licks, alongside some first classic singing, lyrics and musicianship. This band has got it. Stand like Stone leads the album on after Disappear Again with a rocking, dark melodic edge to it, with some solid musicianship, vocal and lyrics. The drumming on this track is excellent. I like the guitar solo in the bridge of this song. These first two songs would do really well on rock & metal radio stations. One thing about this band and the album is, they maybe British, but it doesn’t sound like, remind me a lot of America modern metal bands doing this style of  music and Furyon do it like the best of them. Rick Beato who produced the album has done an amazing job of making this album sound like it does, fresh, original and makes you want to hear it over again. Souvenirs has some seriously good vocals from Matt Mitchell. The song is more a slower paced a little, but lets the band shows off it’s musicianship and songwriting and lyrics. Don’t Follow has some awesome riffs, hooks and licks. The vocals are solid. The band is on fire here.  New Wave of Living has an awesome intro, the use of guitar in the song is perfect. It starts off slow and melodic then comes into what Furyon are good at doing, writing a rocking tune that will get you fists pumping and head banging. It’s almost a ballad a little bit. Voodoo Me would be one of my favorite tracks off the album alongside Disappear Again and Stands like Stone. The musicianship is excellent. It’s just a rocking tune with some excellent guitar playing. Fear Me has a long melodic slow intro then gets the band back to familiar but rocking territory.  Doing what they do best writing a killer rocking tune.  Wasted on You has some serious sold guitar work, great musicianship, solid drumming and some excellent vocals that truly shine, like they do on the rest of the album. It’s a rocking tune. Our Peace Someday is the ballad of the album. It mixes the use of acoustic and full band for the chorus and some parts of the song. Then use of drums and bass alongside acoustic guitar is a nice touch. It’s a great song which highlights the bands talents and songwriters and that they can write a song that shows off all they can do nicely. Desert Suicide has a really cool intro which then comes into the vocals then the full band and it finishes off the album well. It’s the longest song off the album and shows off all the band can do nicely. The bonus acoustic versions of Voodoo Me, Souvenirs are a nice touch and really do show off that their songs can translate really well as acoustic versions. This is a first class modern metal album that will have the staunchest of metal fans stand up and take notice. I can’t wait to see these guys live; I know it will be a killer show. Love it.


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