• November 30, 2020

From Start To Finish Interview

From Start To Finish

1. how did the band form?

the bands been around for just over a year. most of us had previous
experience with bands but it never got to a serious level. we all basically
just wanted to jam one day and everything just clicked. it’s nice to have a
band that gets along with each other and just wants to work to get better.

2. who has been your favorite band to play with?

Last Picked. they are a local nj ska band with amazing talent and an insane
live show.

3. who are your influences?
Rx Bandits,Yellowcard, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, The Starting Line, New
Found Glory and so many more even jazz and rap.

4. if you could who would most like to play with?

Less Than Jake without a doubt.

5. which bands have helped you out the most?

Less Than Jake on an inspiration level, Last Picked, The Saturday Morning
Special, Moto, My Fear and Regret and many more. All of them just gave their
support and we’ve have became very good friends with them. we are very
thankful for them.

6. if your were allowed to play on the Simpson’s where would it be?
Haha either Krusty Burger or Moes Tavern. probably Moes Tavern so we could
Barney and Homer. plus we might be able to get a nice prank phone call from
Bart….Barts tree house would be pretty cool too.

7. where has been your favorite venue to play?

Bloomfield Ave Cafe its just the place to be for shows. its nice and small
and your right in your fans faces. it’s also great to play even bigger
venues though like the Birch Hill Concert Hall in Old Bridge or Convention
Hall in Asbury Park because they do an amazing job with the sound and the
fact that you’re able to play on a stage where so many great bands played on
is an amazing feeling.

8. what are you listening to at the moment?

Yellowcard, Glassjaw, and Runaway Orange

9. much response from overseas?

Nope not much. you are the first!

10. what has been the best gig you played ?

Birch Hill February 15th. The whole room was packed for us they were all
going nuts for us. Being a new band to the scene and having so many people
enjoy what we make hit everyone in the band’s heart.

From Start To Finish


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