• May 6, 2021

Emerald Sun Interview


 Emerald Sun is a up and coming aussie hip hop artist who has been making waves in the scene, supporting Chingy & Bone Thugs & Harmony and will be working with 2pac’s Outlawz member  Stormey Coleman. This guy is extremely talented and is going places. I liked what he was doing, so read on and find out more.


1. Are you happy with how people have received the new release?

yeah…I’ve got nothing but love from the fans, general public and also
alot of respect from the hip hop scene, which is good cause everyone
knows the scene is filled with a lot of big egos.

2. What was the inspiration for the release?

inspiration comes from the most drama filled part of my life, the wild
teenage years you know and just representing how I grew up and the whole
darwin suburban street life and our attitudes, as well as how I got
into hip hop to begin with.

3. What inspires you when writing your songs?

first an foremost….Also Every beat has a story waiting to be told, it
also helps if that beat relates to how I’m feeling at the time and the
knowledge my mind is consuming also plays a part!

4. How the internet & social media played a part in getting your music out there?

internet is the best tool for financially broke independents to get out
there. What me and my producers and label partners ThaBrotherz did, was
keep feeding the public  with music videos, I pretty much developed
most of my fan base from it. I mean The Return Of The King Hit Video hit
20, 000 hits on youtube, which is pretty good considering their was no
promotion except via Facebook and handing out CDs on a Street level.

5. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career?

of all enjoy the journey and keep your ego in check, as far as getting
out there goes,    If your not getting anywhere doing what your doing,
try something else and never neglect the reason you got into it in the
first place, your love for music, Stay with the art!

6. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?

friends ThaBrotherz offered to produce an album for me if I left darwin
and moved in with them in Melbourne, that was four years ago, we’ve
been through a lot of shit since then.  Also we have a new member to the
clan Paul Le who’s been helping behind the scenes, other than that my
family and my fans continue to support me through my musical

7. Any plans to go overseas with the music?

want to stop over in the U.S. sometime next year and possibly New
Zealand I think they’d love my shit, also certain parts of Asia, just to
do an overall  analysis and see what my next big move is! 

8. What was it like to support Chingy & Bone Thugs & Harmony?

was just a good opportunity to perform to thousands of people, Chingy
was a good dude and Bone Thugz VIP room was clouded with weed smoke and
drunk groupies. You could say it was a typical stereotype  rap star
 party, I try to keep my partying to a minimum though, it usually just
acts as a distraction from my goals.

9. What do you do to prepare for when playing live?

like to go over my set lightly a couple hrs beforehand then I usually
scope the crowd out early on the night and see what’s up! Then have  a
little sippy sippy then it’s Showtime! 

10. Whats next for Emerald Sun?

I finish promoting my EP Climbing Hills, your gonna see a collaboration
with no other than 2pac’s Outlawz member Stormey Coleman, expect some
killer music videos and the release of my album late in the year which
I’m tipping to title  "Mind State Of  A Dreamer" because that probably
best describes the mind state I’m in right now! Also an Australian tour
is on the cards.


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