• April 15, 2021

Belinda Chapple Interview

Belinda Chapple Interview
I’ve interviewed Belinda before, and a fan of what she does and wanted to know what she been up to recently and this what she had to say. Read on.



1. What are you doing in Singapore?

I came to Singapore beginning of 2010 to work for Universal Studios as company manager for the talent. 

2. How did you get into singing Jazz Tunes?

I have always loved singing Jazz, it seems to come a lot more naturally to me compared with other styles of

3. How did oz erotica come about?

was working with an act in Singapore and realized that Vegas was
missing a new age, class act – female revue show from Australia! We
found investors, an American based production company and presto 🙂

4. What have you learned from managing events in overseas markets?

is very different to Australia in the way they operate .It took me a
while to get used to, but now i understand and enjoy the challenge.

5. How is this different for you then singing and performing?
have been performing on Stage singing and dancing since i was 13. At
the end of 2009 i decided i needed a big change and a break from
performing. I really love working on the other side especially in an
international market, it makes such a wonderful change to be working and
living in other countries outside of Australia.

6. Will hear some new music from you any time soon?

No i doubt it! i currently have my plate full.

7. What has been the highlight from the last few years?

Watching all my creative ideas come to life with an amazing cast in the production Oz
Erotica and meeting a very special love.

8. How did sabin and chapple productions come about?
Sabin and I have worked together for many years. I bought him over to
work on a project at a casino on Sentosa Island in Singapore. During
this particular job we decided to join forces and start our own
production compan.

9. What have you listened to recently you’ve really enjoyed?

I love Adele, her tone is wonderful.

10. What is next for Belinda Chapple?

more time in the US with the launch of Oz Erotica, i have another
exciting project that sits along side the show which I am unable to
expose at this stage 🙂 I will also be settling into my new home in
Singapore, home decorating with my wonderful man.


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