• April 21, 2021

Crossing Romeo album review.

Crossing Romeo – Self Titled (Self Released)

Crossing Romeo used to be known as Rhymada and released one EP
under that name which had 3 slices of catchy well written perfect rock/pop
tunes and the debut album delivers even further with 10 tracks minus the intro of
catchy rocking rock/pop tunes that are so well written, performed and produced
that they deserve to be on mainstream radio. It starts off with the song No
Need For Names, which is a catchy rocking tune that delivers, solid vocal,
melodies, musicianship and good lyrics that you will be singing along to in no
time, It’s also be chosen as the first single of the album and it will be
perfect for radio. Our Days has a great intro, solid vocals by David, good use
of backing vocals and the band is on fine form, some excellent guitar playing
on the track which really adds to the tune. Lose Control is a good solid rock
song; catchy well written, vocals and lyrics are excellent as is the band. Turn
Around is another catchy well written, with great vocals and good use of synth
through out the track. The use of piano through out the album is a nice touch
to the tunes which use it, and adds that special touch to the tunes. It’s also
another song that which screams radio play. Never Known has a great intro, piano
and acoustic guitar with David voice in fine form and the use of the electric
guitar in the background work nicely alongside the acoustic guitar. Then the
band comes later into the track and makes it an excellent song perfect for
radio, I can see crowds singing along to this song in no time. Reminds me a bit
of Chase The Setting Sun by Stone Parade. 
Still The Same, has a great intro with piano which is used through out
the song alongside bass and drums and the occasional guitar before the chorus
which is the band minus the piano, Solid tune with great vocals and lyrics. WWND
is a catchy rock tune with great vocals, lyrics and solid musicianship, the
song makes you want to get up and rock out. 
I could see radio giving this some serious radio play. Good tune and the
use of piano in the song is used really well here.  Create has the same kind of vibe of WWND and
it’s a seriously rocking catchy tune, has some excellent guitar playing and
drumming. David vocals are on fire here. 
Broken City another rocking tune with some solid lyrics that have
something to say, it’s a catchy tune that has some excellent musicianship. The
final track Bring Back The Lie, is almost a ballad, anthem which goes for over
6 minutes, the piano intro which later blends into the background nicely is an
excellent way to start a song and the band all play so well on the track, the
guitar playing and the vocals are solid. Rob Long has engineered the album well
and it sounds like a first class production that you would expect from a major
label artist but it’s not. This is a solid first class rock album that demands
your attention, the songs are well written as they are catchy and performed.
The band is going places, this album shows that and this could be the start of
a very successful career and lead to load more events.


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