• May 6, 2021

Circle – The Middle (Monday Records)

Circle – The Middle (Monday Records)

Circle album The Middle is dreamlike, it’s alternative, a bit of indie pop and rock. It’s very catchy and put together you have an album that is moving and a joy to the ears. It’s a first class release, the use of male and female vocals is a lovely touch, the use of horn on track 2020 Vision adds to the track which is already upbeat to me. The first two tracks The Middle and my personal favorite Fashion Me a Drum a nice catchy dreamlike pop tune that is use of both male and female vocals is a solid but well used touch of class to track. They both gave my subwoofer a real work out. Gorgeous is an indie rock/pop track with the use of the guitar and the way it is structured. The female vocals are a nice touch. I Believe it is another track that it is well written, screams radio play and commercial use as well. I love the use of horn. It’s got a nice pop feel to it, catchy and well sung and performed. 2020 Vision is more of an indie rock song but both male and female vocals just work. Good solid tune. Hold has the great use of the synth at the start of the track and through out the song, the use of the female vocals just work alongside the male vocals. Solid musicianship ensure this is a solid song. Oh My Heart is almost dreamlike and such a beautiful song, that is well written and performed. Half Race Girls is another solid tune, use of female vocals at start is a winner which leads into the male vocals which is solid a choice alongside the electric guitar. All The People is got a cool intro, I love the use of piano. The lyrics and vocals are just are solid here. The acoustic guitar is a nice touch. Ready To Dance is another radio hit in the making, I love the intro, the song is seriously catchy and the use of Synth is a good choice. Brothers is an excellent way to finish off the album. Catchy and well written. This is an excellent aussie release, good songs, solid musicianship and production will ensues this will win over people like it did me. Give it a chance, it’s really good and there is something special here. Just trust me on this one .


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