• May 17, 2021

Bec Plath – Nightfall EP (Self Released)

Bec Plath – Nightfall EP (Self Released)

Bec Plath is a Brisbane singer songwriter who has released her latest EP Nightfall which is a beautifully haunting EP with four tracks that really show off her songwriting and vocals. The EP is very nicely produced and lyrics and vocals really do stand out. It starts off with the piano laced track Obession with drums,guitar & bass and it shows off her songwriting and vocals in a nicely catchy tune that shows off what she can do. What I Was Looking For is another beautiful written tune. What I like about her music is that guitars and drums and of course the bass are activily used and gives her tunes that special edge. Absent Mind is another track that is good, with good vocals and some great piano playing and good some good lyrics as well. She is a talent behind the piano. At The End Of The Night is a corker of a track, just some great melodies and vocals, great piano playing. Just screams radio play like all the songs do. This is a fine ep worthy of your time, a talent to watch out for. One of the best local releases I have heard this year. Great Stuff.


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