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Catherine Traicos - Beg For Love (An Ocean Awaits Records/Fuse) Review - Parx-e Web Zine
  • February 19, 2019

Catherine Traicos – Beg For Love (An Ocean Awaits Records/Fuse) Review

Catherine Traicos – Beg For Love (An Ocean Awaits Records/Fuse)

A good singer songwriter to me should do a number of things, firstly write songs that are captivating and enjoyable to the ear. Secondly to be able to play with or without a band and still grab your attention and quite frankly Catherine Traicos can do that. Her new single Beg For Love is very nicely done, it’s a bit more upbeat but still maintains the folky quality that she has. The use of a full band behind her just adds to her music. It’s a song I could easily see Triple J rotating. Her voice is in fine form.  I get hints of PJ Harvey in the track. Baby Don’t Cry is a just a lovely laid back tune with a very nice use of the pedal steel. The use of drums alongside acoustic guitar and pedal steel are just perfect.  Ever since I first saw her play early last year, I’ve been a huge huge fan of Catherine‘s and these two song are no exception.  She a fine singer songwriter, one of the best this country got, I for one can’t wait to hear the album. Bring it on I say and go check out these tunes folks. You don’t know what your missing out on.



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