• August 11, 2020

Zebrahead Interview



Zebrahead is back with their latest album Walk The Plank, their front man Ali Tabatabaee kindly chatted to me about the album which was a real treat. So when it comes to song writing the entire band write together. When it came to writing for the album they wrote more than 55 songs on the album but then cut it down to 20 songs but 13 made the album.

Listening to him speak it was clear the band are going from strength to strength, It has been only in the last few years they have had the opportunity to come play Australia and of course play Soundwave. They had wanted to come to Australia for a long time. Hopefully in the new year we will see the boys out here again playing. They have been touring with MXPX for years and are friends and enjoy touring with them. Yes like every other artist and band, social media is hugely important to the band.

Naturally I always ask if the band or artist could have anybody in the video clip who would it be, David Lee Roth was said and I totally dug that. I for one can’t wait to hear the new album. I know it’s gonna be a killer. Been a fan for a long time, so was totally cool to interview the lead singer from the band.


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