• September 21, 2019

Wing Defence Interview

Wing Defence

Photo by Nick Horvat

Wing Defence one of the most exciting bands coming out of Australia. I just had to interview the band, so read on and find out why you should get behind this band. Plus tell your friends you have discovered the next big thing.


1. What inspired the film clip?

Skye: We try to DIY pretty much everything we do in some way… So we took footage in and out of the studio and Paigy put it together… on her phone! We have so much fun in the studio so we thought this would be the best way to get people to know us a little better and really capture what we’re about.

2. Why edit it using an Iphone?

Paige: Honestly, I probably made it a lot more difficult for myself editing it on a iPhone but I didn’t have a Mac at the time so I just used the software on my phone, it’s a pretty simple software thankfully.

3. Are you happy with the response to the song Stuck?

We’re stoked! Everyone seems to be loving it so far and we’ve had some great reviews. It’s so nice for us to receive that response from people.

4. What inspired the song and how was the song constructed?

We were on our way to a gig discussing how we wanted to start a bit of pop rock punk project together when Skye played her iphone voice memo of Stuck (almost a year ago now) in the car and we thought it was fkn excellent! We took it to our first studio session together and fleshed out the rest of our ideas for the track with our producer and great mate Benny.

5. How does a song start for you?

I think for both of us we start with a guitar riff and a theme a it could be something either of us are currently or previously gone through and then the words flow from there. We’ll often have a studio session and sometimes write as we go or other times will both bring a song in and watch it grow in the session.

6. Where does inspiration come from?

Our lives, the lives of others, world issues, beer, Coke Zero, the dog

7. Do you have any more songs lined up to be released this year?

We are releasing our next single this May… so soon!! very very excited

8. What do you hope the rest of the year will have in store for you?

We can only hope that the next few songs we release are received well, I know we’re both proud of them. We’re also keen to get touring as soon as possible. Band rehearsals have been so much fun.

9. Have you much response from industry regarding your music?

Yeah, it’s been a bit overwhelming but in a really good and wholesome way.


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