• August 3, 2021

Wild Flower Swimwear

Wild Flower Swimwear

Photos by Laura Morsman Photography taken from Wildflower Swimwear Website and are used with permission.

I love what Laura does and yes I’ve known her a number of years, she is incredibly switched on and talented. Her business The Southern Loom which she sells Vintage rugs is going amazing for her. Earlier this year she finally launched her business selling swimwear she has designed which she has been wanting to do for years. Wildflower Swimwear.

She is a person who is incredibly hard working and all the hard work is paying off. Laura is wearing the swimwear she has designed. She really is doing amazing with all the stuff she is doing. This is why I decided to give her more love here on the site by helping to promote her swimwear line and of course her rug business.

This is what she had to say about it, taken from the site.

I’ve never been a fan of designs that tend to go out of style quickly; I’d rather have a curated collection I can wear season after season and still feel timelessly classic. Wild Flower began as a way to document that life-long love of swimwear. Created with you in mind, I truly wanted a line that could fit many body types while embodying a classic, timeless, sexy beach look that fit well and had the highest of quality for long-lasting pieces.

Wild Flower is proudly manufactured entirely in the United States of America.We value quality and locally sourced materials with long-lasting qualities.

I love the fact it’s made in America and she put her heart and soul into something that I know will do really well like her rug business. I continue to support what she does and think she is awesome. So you should get behind what she is doing and you can check out her swimwear line here.


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