• May 6, 2021

Undiscovered one band album release.

OK I wanted to a blog to highlight bands who only ever released one album due to various reasons. these bands would of had some pr in the way of radio play or a bit of street press or they were on a major label. But the album they released is something really special and I think brilliant.

 Here is a few think deserve a listen and if you can think of any you think are awesome comment away.




 The Crash Motive – Consequence (Wind Up Records/ Sony BMG Entertainment)

 The Crash Motive play pop rock music and they do it so well. The songs are well crafted and the songs are so well produced. It’s a classy album full of songs that really do grab you and make you sit up and take notice. They could of done heaps more and should off. This album could of been a hit here in Australia if it was released but sadly it wasn’t. Worth checking out.


 Cartman – Go (Embryo Records/MGM Distribution)

 Cartman were a perth based rock band and this album was a really good success when it came out. Radio play, Triple J lapped it up. So many good songs, that are easy to see why they had the radio play and the heaps of fans. If you can find it get it.

 Student Rick –  Soundtrack for a Generation (Victory Records)

 Student Rick played pop punk mixed with real emo pop music not the bullshit it is now.  This album is well produced, well written and the songs are fantastic.   Worth a listen and now reformed as Hello Vegas

 Yesterday’s Kids –  Can’t Hear Nothin’ (Lookout Records)

Yesterday’s Kids released an album that is good honest punk pop full of fun, just a lot fun and joy to listen to. The songs are well written, vocals good and it’s extremely catchy enough said.

 Cool For August – Grand World (Warner Brothers Records)

Cool For August released what I thought was a pretty good modern rock album that has some pretty amazing tunes on it. Some real anthems that have me singing away and just going wow. This album shouldn’t be too hard to find in second hand stores or even brand new on amazon. The last song I think is something really special.


 Denvar – Denvar (UM & AH Records/MGM Distribution)

 One of my all time favorite albums, Brisbane based indie pop/indie rock album that has so many good songs on it. They had quite a bit of triple j play and it took me a few months when I first moved here to find it. It’s probably a lot harder now. But it’s so worth having in your collection


Jaded – Where Angels Fly (Self Released/Sweat/Tempo International)

 Wasn’t gonna added this on the list as I didn’t know much about the band but the album had distribution and apparently they had radio play on Nova, Triple M and lot’s of it. The album is really good rock pop tunes with a hint of alt/gothic and the songs are well crafted, sung well and could of easily supported some of the big alt rock bands of the day. If you can find it and like this kinda of music your in for a treat. Standouts are Lullaby, Lost Lover, Highway & Rescue.





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