• May 6, 2021

Tyla Bertolli Interview

Tyla Bertolli

I first came across Tyla when she put out her debut ep A Brilliant Tragedy and have been following what she had done ever since. Since being on X-Factor things have changed for her. Read on find out why this artist is doing good things.


1. How has being on X-Factor change things for you?

wow where to begin, it has changed me in alot of ways, doing something like that makes you realise what and who is important but i think the biggest thing X factor gave me was a taste on my dream and of what my life can be like, it gave me something to fight hard for both career wise and personally.

2. How it different to what you were doing earlier?

Ive always been a big dreamer and a hard worker so my life was very similar before x factor i don’t see success in the entertainment industry as being an unrealistic goal so i was always chiseling away auditioning for what i could pursuing excellence within my self and my "talents" doing things bit by bit to keep progressing, i guess X Factor just gave that a big old boost.

3. What did you get the most out of the show?

the relationships with people, Mel B all the contestants, meeting people that want to share your journey with you, that believe in you, fans!!!! incredible people. also  like i said before got a taste of whats to come and that’s exciting!!!

4. How has the support from the fans been like for you?

it has been overwhelming at times!! I’m so grateful to have the support and love of people all over the world!!!! i cant wait to expand on that!! They mean the world to me!

5. Do you plan to start playing shows again or will you be going in a different direction?

i am very excited to start playing shows in the next month. I have put together an incredible band with some of the most talented musicians i could find and we are just rehearsing at the moment so we have a perfect entertaining show to put on. I’m also about to do a 60’s stage show tour around Australia, but that’s all very top secret at the moment.

6. Do you think social networking sites will play a huge part in your career?

absolutely i love social media i love connecting with fans and people, other musicians and finding new inspirations every day. I’m currently doing an App design course which i have big plans for to help connect my fans with my music, radio, shows everything social media connected. Super excited!

7. Who has been your greatest supporter?

oh without doubt my family. What i have put them through in the last year has been extremely challenging, they have felt every disappointment, every health scare, every achievement and every tear. They still tell me every day just keep pushing to show the world how extraordinary you can be. I cant wait till i can emotionally and materialistically pay them back for there support.

8. Do you plan to put out some music sometime soon?

absolutely!! Ive been writing heaps, been trying lots of new styles but i hope to have some new tracks out by December.

9. What inspires you now when writing music?

Ive always been a bit of a story teller when it comes to writing music, i always take from personal examples (or my friends secrets) I Just finished writing a song about being stronger pushing on, i just love writing the soundtrack to my own life, what i need to hear at the time.

10. What do you hope will happen for you in the next year?

above all else, i hope to be healthy enough to continue to do what i love. People take health for granted so much!!!! but nothing ..i mean nothing can happen if you are not well, you mentally and physically cant support your self or your dreams. But other then that my goals are to release my first fashion line which I’ve been designing, get my band on tour and doing support acts for some international artists, Get a Job in radio, and work on TV again ether presenting or acting and next year i just HAVE to get back to LA!!!

1. How has being diagnosed  Cronh’s Disease affect what you do as a musician now?

as a musician, as a person being diagnosed with Crohns has been quite devastating to be honest, I Knew something was wrong while i was on the X Factor but put it off because i wanted the dream so bad. Unfortunately i have had whats called a "flare up" for the last 6 months which is unusually long and am not out of the woods yet i still have to go into remission. It has been challenging because i had so much planned for this year and have spent so much of it in hospital sick. I hate sitting still, i hate not performing, i hate loosing motivation or not being Strong enough to walk from on side of the room to the other but I’m going t take away from this some serious life lessons, like being patient , and healthy and to stay focused. Musically i just cant wait to be well enough to get out there again.

12. Will we hear some new music from you soon?

Absolutely, i start my YouTube channel this week so expect some awesome covers in the next 2 weeks then some originals in the next month.


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