• April 21, 2021

Twentysixmiles – Great new TV series I’ve discovered.

Now how you usually find about TV shows is thru Television or the press or even thru friends. I had discovered a couple of older series thru second hand shops or thru a cheap dvd which grabbed in the case of Crime Story which I did and bought the two series and love it. 

Now Twentysixmiles I discovered thru the sales agent under the name Catalina Island and found the website and took a punt and ordered the DVD and I love it. It’s just a funny, charming, family friendly show that has heart & soul, set in Catalina. It’s about a guy named Jack Kincald played by John Schneider. who has just been divorced from his wife. She takes the family to Catalina. His best friend Murph wants to reform their old band and Jack comes over being a man with everything, comes with nothing.  He is proposed by his best friend Murph to form the band and well the rest is history. It also features Daniel Quinn, Eric Lange.

 Their are only 6 episodes, It has been on Hulu and I know from reading they want a network to pick it up.  It needs to be seen and discovered. It beautifuly shot and makes you wanna move to Catalina

 Find out more here, you won’t be dissapointed.  http://www.twentysixmiles.com/


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