• April 15, 2021

TV Snow – Red Album Review

TV Snow – Red (Firestarter Distribution)

Red by TV Snow was an album that really surprised me how good this album really is. It won me over with some great songs and songwriting. The band should be really proud of what they have done here and an album that their late bass player Ben Linden who was tragically taken would be really proud of. Half of the bass playing on the album (track numbers 1,4,5,8 & 9) is performed by Ben Linden & the other half by Sam Blackburn. The opening track Call To The Siren with the violin opening is a cracker of a track, well written and performed, reminds me of Celadore mixed with a dash of Motor Ace. Downtown is a catchy rock/pop tune with good vocals, lyrics and use the synth is a nice touch. Solid songwriting & musicianship. Death And Blues is a catchy tune, good vocals, lyrics and solid musicianship. The band songs are just right for Triple J. Underground is a solid tune, with some great songwriting, lyrics and musicianship. The production is good, It’s a well crafted tune. Animal is another catchy tune, good lyrics and vocals and I love the use on the synth it is used well here. Boy Wonder is a little laid back but still catchy vocals, musicianship and songwriting is all good here. The use of Synth is also used well here. I Will Dance is another great tune, a little laid back and is kind of a ballad, I love the use of the Violin is used well here and it could be a big hit on Triple J. Plastic Painting is another catchy tune, the way the vocals are done here are done well. Musicianship and songwriting is good. Game Show is another great tune, catchy well written and performed. The use of the synth is a good touch and fits well into the tune. How Young is another good tune, catchy, good use of synth and finishes off the album well. This album really surprised me, I dug how good it is, the band should be proud and I hope it gets them plenty of new fans and loads of radio support, they deserve it. Check this album out, you will not be disappointed.


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