• December 6, 2020

Tori Tate

Tori Tate

[JHAAS] 6-022


I’ve known Tori now since 2011 and think she is an awesome person and is a huge support of my site and various projects because I’ve been supporting her in all that she does.  I believe she is going to go far in what she does in Broadcast Journalism and the job she is doing now. I also think she is incredibly gorgeous, just take a look she is stunning, a total sweetheart, incredibly smart,switched on and all round genuine nice person.

So she will always get Publicity from me on this site and The Parx-e Show.  I know she is going places.  So she is my beauty of the week on the site and why I had put her on my list of favourite people I have interviewed, always love interviewing her. She is a star.

All Photos by Jeffrey Haas

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