• May 6, 2021

Tin Alley Interview

Tin Alley
Tin Alley are a great Australian Band with a bright future, with a new bass player in the band and a endorsement deal with Maton. This band is going places. You will be hearing about these guys real soon, if you haven’t already so read on.


1. How has the new bass player Jared Piatkowski fitted into the band?
is a highly skilled bass player and has a great musical understanding
as well as being very creative which fits well with the creative side of
Tin Alley. Not only on the musical side of things but as a person Jared is exactly what Tin Alley was
looking for and has undoubtedly strengthened Tin Alley and we are thrilled to have him on board.

2. How is the album coming along?
are still in the process of writing new material for the new album and
things are looking very promising so we’ll be starting the recording
process within the next couple of weeks.

3. What do you hope the upcoming album will do for the band career?
As any other band
would ideally hope for, we would love for the album to be well received
and create a platform for an exciting and bright future that could
enforce the band nationally and internationally. But just as importantly
if not more, you want to look back on an album as an artist and be
proud of your work and hope that it connected to people, or even helped
them, the same way music has done for us.

4. What has been the highlight so far?
There has been
many highlights for Tin Alley as well as obstacles. Out of Control has
definitely been one of the major highlights for Tin Alley reaching #1 on
the AMO and AIR charts and #7 on the ARIA charts. For the band’s
line up the highlight has probably been the ‘bouncing back’ period
where we’ve seen the band going from uncertainty after Jim’s departure
to a strong and exciting future. And with all the positive support we
have had from fans and media with the release of Ride the Wave and now
our latest release Bounce Back it’s been a highlighted ride so far. 

5. How has social networking sites helped the band?
networking enables fans to be connected and involved with the band’s
activities giving them a more personal relationship with the band. It
also enables great exposure having networks like Myspace, Facebook and

6. Were you happy with the response to the last release?
We were overwhelmed with the responses regarding
the release of Ride the Wave which has been played nationwide on
numerous commercial and community stations. We are very grateful for the
support from fans and media.

7. How have the sponsorship deals the band has in place has helped the band?
There is no doubt that
sponsorships of any kind helps and makes it easier for the band to do
what we love the most – to play music.
For example the endorsement deal with Maton gives us strong support
with professional equipment and gives us the opportunity to work hand in
hand with Australia’s premier guitar manufactures.

8. What has been your favorite gig to date so far?

We love
playing live and engaging with fans of the band.  After all this is what
playing music is all about.  We have had many memorable gigs from
Moomba in 2010 to a gig with Boom Crash Opera at the Corner Hotel to
gigs in country pubs as well as interstate.  We can’t wait to play dates
with the new line up.

9. Any plans for touring overseas?
No immediate plans as such but if and hopefully when the opportunity arises we would be thrilled to tour overseas.

10. How did you feel when you first heard your song on radio?
Let’s just say it’s good that I have very tolerant neighbours 🙂


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