• December 4, 2020

The Southern Loom

Photos by Laura Morsman Photography

Firstly these photos of Laura are stunning. She looks amazing in them and she owns the photos, seriously. She really looks stunning. So I’ve known Laura for a number of years and she runs a business called The Southern Loom where she sells vintage rugs. Which she carefully chooses. The site is becoming popular with new rugs all the time, which she puts up on The Southern Loom Instagram page and on her site.

Both her businesses I have plugged a number of times and love what she does. In fact she is on the cover of my limited edition giveaway magazine with the feature article. 

She sells small,medium and large rugs so depending on what size you are after and style you want I am sure she will have something that will scream I need this for my place. $20 flat rate US shipping / $75 international which I think is a good price for shipping. I think she is doing a fantastic job with the business and I love seeing all the new rugs that she posts up. There is information on the site too how to look after these fantastic vintage rugs. So go on check it out and get yourself a new rug for your house.



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