• April 21, 2021

The Salvadors Interview

The Salvadors 
The Salvadors are an exciting Adelaide band doing good things and thought they were worth talking to find out more. So I speak to Tom from the band to find out more. So please read on.
1. How did the band form?
Jeff and I (Tom) were in another project which came to an end. Cat and
Euge jumped on board and we became the The Salvadors.
2. How did it feel to play Laneway Festival?
was a brilliant experience, it’s an amazing festival and was a real
buzz being on the same bill as the likes on Black Lips and Florence and
The Machine.
3. What was it like to support Big Scary on a bunch of shows?
Tom and Jo are extremely talented and nice dudes to match. Their
national tour was sold out. We all agreed that the Perth support was our
most memorable interstate gig to date. 
4. What was the inspiration for the song Merrily?
is the tale of a country lass who moves to the city to become a lady of
the night. She finds futile love with an equally futile man. It’s
another Salvadors story about useless romance, this time set amongst the
glitter and grime of an overpopulated coastal town. I’d have to say
that the Paul Simon vibe is the most obvious inspiration for this tune.

5. What inspires the band when writing music?
and I went to South America in 2005. We were pretty inspired by the
beats and sounds we cam across. We had guitars and began writing. I
think this was the seed that grew into the Salvadors. I think we found
our sound with our first single Atacama Disco. As a band we have
developed on this sound and made it our own.

6. What what will the upcoming album be about?
defintiely a nautical theme going on and we’ve explored dark and light
stories of the sea. Beach parties to  a drunken fisherman who loses his
wife overboard and spends his days and night swimming, drinking and
searching.  It’s been a long but enjoyable process. After writing and
releasing a bunch 
of singles, it’s been great to have the opportunity of writing some record songs, songs that go on a journey.
7. How has Triple J support helped the band?
J has been very kind to us, unearthing us, giving us the opportunity to
play laneway, including us as a next crop artist and supporting our
singles along the way. It’s a hard game and be even tougher being from
Adelaide. Without Triple J support it’s tough to put yourself on the map
and get people to your shows interstate.

8. How did 5/4 Entertainment come on board?
known Ross and Craig from 5/4 for some time. They have helped us get
some brilliant supports in the past such as Two Door Cinema Club and
Darwin Deez. Once we had finished our record we knew we needed to get a
solid team around us. 5/4 is the best in our state and know the
Australian music scene extremely well. It’s nice to be with local guys
who are mates and understand the band, our style and our goals for the
9. What is next for the band?
Release Holy Drunken Fisherman and do a national tour. After that we would love to take our music overseas.


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