• May 6, 2021

The Melodics live @ The Corner Hotel 23rd Of October

The Melodics live @ The Corner Hotel
23rd Of October

It’s spring and the weather is all over
place, I’m still tired from my event last night. So I rock up to the
corner hotel half way between Jess Harlem set and she is doing a real good
job of warming up the crowd which there is a solid amount of and yes
they are a drinking crowd. I’ve never seen The Melodics play before
and I’m blown away by their unique sound which I would describe as
hip hop, 80’s new wave, reggae and a dash of indie rock. The band
starts off with a synthesizer and vocals and it’s a new song they hit
off with and crowd is really loving it. They played a mixture of
up beat numbers then songs that show off the bands song writing
talents and vocals. Some of the songs really reminded me of The
Temper Trap and yes they ain’t that kind of band. One of the real
highlights was when they had like a jam type session when the
saxophone starts playing solo for a bit then come in the drum and the
bass and it just sounds so cool. They even had super heroes up on
stage and bubbles being blown as well. The lead singer knew how to
get the crowd reacted to the music and had real stage presences.
Also a special word about the sound at the corner I reckon it’s the
best I’ve heard it period. This band has worked hard and this shows
why they are so good, why they have a crowd full of people up and
dancing because the music is good and if you do good music the people
will come and oh yes they did. I really liked what I heard and saw
it was something special and something done well.


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