• April 15, 2021

The Madness Method – Better Without You Review

The Madness Method – Better Without You (Independent) 

Now this is a fun release, good solid catchy ska/rock/pop as they describe it. I get hints of The Louisville Sluggers, Save Ferris. It starts off with the rocking number Better Without which shows off Mandy Meadows solid voice which works well here. You Were Right has an awesome trumpet solo at the start of the song, and also really does highlight what a solid powerful voice Mandy Meadows does have. It’s more of rocking number with the guitar getting a good workout here. Flaming Absinthe is a rocking pop number that more rock pop than SKA and the use of horn through out the tracks works for it. Bitch reminds me so much of Save Ferris because of the way the song is sung and constructed. It finishes off with If I Were To Write A Love Song which is a rock SKA number with a little hint of reggae and works well. It’s well produced and well played. The Ep is a lot a fun, a good time to be had and it screams summer all over. I expected SKA fans and parties all over summer to be cranking this loud. Top Stuff 


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