• April 21, 2021

The Feuds CD review by Karen Whitney

The Feuds CD review: By Karen Whitney 2/12/2012

If great indie rock is what you love to hear. Then The Feuds will deliver it. This album may only be a four song EP. But the catchy nature of these songs will have you singing along. Even trapping your feet or the steering wheel of the car you are driving.

The strong Bass of Gerard Gough that kicks off I just Need Your Love (song one) and Sister I’m A Prophet (song three) may have you playing air Bass Guitar. Also the vocals of Michael Monaghan are strong and well matched to the songs.

Listening to Going Out My Mind may have you thinking, that you’ve gone back in time to 1978. As the metal Keyboards of Graham Darroch, scream out to you. Then you have the song Calientapollas that starts off with the Keyboards of Graham Darroch. Followed by Bass Guitarist Gerard Gough as he joins in, who is soon matched by Mark Monaghan on Guitar.

A long with the Drums of Tony Monaghan and the Rhythm Guitar of Marc McDonald this band has released an EP that I think will go well for them. Good luck guys and I hope you can make it down to Australia real soon.


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