• March 8, 2021

The Evening Cast – Lake EP Review

The Evening Cast – Lake (Catch Release Records/Green Media)


This is the latest EP for local Victorian band The Evening Cast which was produced by Marty Brown. Tragically they had a fire at their home and lost everything including their latest release being this one. What can I say about this release but it is good indie pop that is well produced and performed, from the opening track Knots And Bows which grab you from the get go, the use of two vocalists are an awesome touch. Songs like No Stopping, Factory show off the songwriting, musicianship of the band. Heartbeat would be my pick off the EP, like the use of the both vocals, its a song that is well constructed and performed. Trouble finishes off the EP well with a good solid catchy tune that is well written and performed. There are seven tracks in total, a lot to love about this release, if you love good indie pop music, you will love this, this something I reckon radio play to bits if they have not already. Worth checking out.


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