• July 14, 2020

Tequila Mockingbyrd Interview

Tequila Mockingbyrd


Tequila Mockingbyrd are a hard working Melbourne rock band who are releasing their debut album Fight And Flight next month. They answered my questions. This is what they had to say.

Front cover 12.1x12.1


1. What was the inspiration behind the album?

It’s a collection of songs we’ve worked on over the past three years based on our experiences… We’re an honest bunch so it’s a collection of songs about real lives. There’s songs about break ups, break downs as well as party anthems about letting loose on a Friday night. All normal human emotions given the mockingbyrd treatment. The title kind of sums up the whole package and where we feel we are at as a band. You have to work bloody hard to stand a chance of getting anywhere in life.

2. What was the songwriting process for the album like?

It was a very fun process. Usually a song starts as a text message sent around – a little sound bite or some lyrics. People send through their ideas and build on it until we get a chance to jam it out in a rehearsal room. It’s great fun seeing a few words come to life as a song!

3. Did you have the recording process for the album prepared before going into the studio or was it a case of see what happens in the studio?

We had done pre-production (at GM studios) so we had a fairly good idea of which songs would be making the cut, structures etc.
Working with Ricki Rae at lighthill studios on the final product was an awesome experience. Some songs got subtle tweaks here and there, others got complete make overs. We actually finished one song “this ain’t dead” in the studio which was cool – we’d been trying a few different things but nothing seemed to quite hit the nail on the head so it was great to get a bit of outside perspective on that one.

4. Was the recording process different to releases you have done in the past?

Our previous EP T-Byrds Are Go! was actually also recorded at Lighthill with Ricki’s brother Shane. It was a very similar experience – out in country Victoria, making a racket and watching kangaroos hop past the window. We love that place!

5. Are you happy how the album has been received so far?

Initial responses have been amazing so we’re super excited to finally get to share it with everyone. At the end of the day we have a blast doing what we do, but the fact that other people seem to dig it too is what makes it worthwhile.

6. What inspired you guys to organize gigs on a boat and are you happy how people have gotten on board that?

We’ve done three boat shows now… Funny story actually. We launched our first demo on the first boat party a few years ago. We’d only been a band for 3 months and we were worried no one would come to the launch so we thought “heck let’s do it on a boat, that’ll get people interested”. Lo and behold it was a sell out success and a heap of fun so it’s become a bit of an annual tradition for us! It’s got bigger every year as word has spread and we were joined by Dallas Frasca, The Bennies and Massive this year. Quite a line up for one boat! Surprised it didn’t sink.

7. What do you hope the album will do for you guys?

We hope it’ll help us take that next step. There are no short cuts in life. You have to do the hard yards to get anywhere. This is just the starting point in our minds. We’ve got a few exciting opportunities on the horizon so we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and hope the good stuff keeps happening.

8. How does it feel to be have been supporting Thirsty Merc?

It was an amazing experience joining such seasoned pros on the road for the last month. They’re awesome guys and have been great to us sharing their green rooms, riders and fans! We miss it already.

9. Are you happy how things have gone so far for you guys?

If you had said to us even a year ago that we’d get to share the stage with The Baby Animals, The Superjesus, Richie Ramone, got to play live on triple M, tour with Thirsty Merc and get to travel to the Middle East to play for the troops in the space of 12 months we wouldn’t have believed you in a million years. So yes we absolutely can’t complain!!

10. What does the rest of 2016 have in store for you guys?

We’ll be having an almighty knees up on May 20 at the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne to celebrate the album launch, touring the album nationally June/July and then heading overseas later in the year! Maybe throw in a boat party for good measure…


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