• July 14, 2020

Tafari Anthony Interview

Tafari Anthony

Tafari Anthony is a talented artist from Canada. Dug what I heard and he has a new song out called To The End. This is what he had to say about it all.


1. What was the inspiration behind the new song and how was it structured?

I wrote “To the End” with my good friend Ava Kay at a time where I made a very conscious decision to stop making excuses for why I couldn’t do music. For so long I stopped myself because I thought I was overweight, because it cost too much, because I didn’t know the right people, because I wasn’t good enough – eventually I realized it’s all bullshit. I told myself if I want to do this, then I have to make it my own way, in spite of the things I felt I lacked.


2. Are you happy the way it turned out and what do you hope people will get out of it?

I’m very happy! This song pushed me in ways I didn’t know I could go. The song is definitely a pop song. Because of the way it’s written, it was my job to stay true to what it was and make sure not to push it in a direction it wasn’t supposed to go. It took a lot of trial and error on my part with the production to really figure out how to bring out that obvious “pop” feel, but still keep the honesty of the original piano/vocal demo.

When people listen to my song, I hope they can relate to the struggle of wanting something and having to really push to achieve it. For those who maybe don’t have that strength yet, I hope this song can be an anthem for their lives to help them continue to work hard for the things they want.


3. How does a song normally come to you?

In many different ways. Lately, a lot of songs I’ve written have come to me in dreams. I must be getting some really good sleep these days! hahaha! I’m a very observant person by nature. I tend to be quiet in groups and “people watch”, this gives many opportunities for some interesting song ideas. I’m also the friend that a lot of my friends come to for advice on their life problems… and that definitely inspires many songs! haha


4. What inspires you now when writing music from when you were starting out?

I think the biggest difference now from when I started out is a real sense of focus. I think for most artists the inspiration sometimes stays the same. We figure out early on what the things are that we like to write about, what fuels our creativity, and with each project it morphs and changes (hopefully for the better). I often joke that I still write the same stuff I used to when I was 12… but hopefully the lyrics are better now!


5. How does it feel to having your new EP Remember When out?

It’s great…but also weird! When I initially went into the project I thought it would be completed and released maybe 6 months after Die for You …Fast forward to over a year later and here we are! It took longer than I anticipated, but just like the first EP, I wanted to make sure it was done right and not just “put it out to put it out”. I’m glad it’s getting such a positive response so far!


6. How was the recording process different to last EP?

Honestly, the process was very much the same. The difference being that this time around I had more clarity on what needed to be done. I focused more on what direction would be the right one to continue the story. I also knew who I wanted to play on the record from the get go. This made me write in a different way so that I could showcase talents like Alex St. Kitts (who plays bass on every song minus “To the End”), Dan Trapp & Marito Marques on drums (both compliment each other but offer such different vibes), Jon Mychal and Kyle McGill on guitars, and Ava Kay and myself on keys. I kept the team very small for this one because it just felt right.


7. What to you stands out being the highlight to date?

Last year CBC radio added my song Know Better to their programming simply because they loved the song, and it literally changed my life! Radio wasn’t even on my radar when I put out that EP, and the love and support I’ve gotten from them has been something I really cherish. It’s helped bring my music to so many more people, and gave me renewed confidence that I was on the right path.


8. Do you have moments where you just can’t write and need to take a break?

Oh yes! It’s usually in the middle of writing haha. I start a lot of songs, and then sometimes part way through I just get stuck and my ideas just stop flowing. Most times if I take a bit of a break to clear my mind and come back to it, it’s a go! Sometimes I just need to push through it though. Not everything will be great, but there is definitely a discipline needed to write and do it consistently.


9. What is your long term goal for your music and what do you hope 2017 will play a part in that?

I want to continue to reach a wider audience while still creating honest music that I believe in. It can be very tempting to try and change myself to fit in. I want to stay true to myself, go on tour as a solo artist, record and write with other artists and fully immerse myself as a successful, full time musician.

I’m hoping this year will bring some opportunities to work with a label. I know we’re in a time where you could be with or without a label, but for me, I welcome the opportunity of having that kind of support and guidance.

If all else fails, just put me on tour with Beyonce cleaning her shoes or something…


10. What is next for yourself

Now that Remember When is out, I’d love to say I’m taking a little downtime, but that’s definitely not the kind of person I am! The work continues – gotta reach that Beyonce status! I’m touring throughout the fall with my acappella band Eh440, while working on the next batch of songs. I will continue to push Remember When and see what milestones we can achieve with this one!


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