• April 15, 2021

Sounds of Sirus @ The Evelyn 20th Of August 2011 Live Review

Sounds of Sirus @ The Evelyn 20th Of August 2011

Saturday Night I head down to the legendary Evelyn Hotel on the strip known as Brunswick St to check out some fine up and coming Aussie talent and boy I was not disappointed. Sam Clark starts the night of with him playing guitar and singing and a second guitarist. They start the night off in style with his blend of acoustic tunes which I have no doubt are written for a band as he can sing and his songs light up the room, they grab your attention and they sounded great, an artist to watch out for. Skylion apparently it was the first show and their blend of alternative rock music with keyboards was amazing. They had obviously had practice a lot and sounded like a band who had been playing for years. They have a bright future ahead of them. Then Sounds Of Sirus who were head-ling tonight well they stole the show. I’ve had heard the EP and it sounded great but you’ve got to see them live to appreciate what they are all about. Their sound is big and energetic. It’s alternative rock a bit of punk and a whole lot of energy. The lead singer can sing and the energy of his voice and the band behind him know how to capture and grab your attention.The songs are very catchy with solid infectious grooves that make you wanna get up and dance and mosh. They are a band who you can tell in their set and the way they perform know their craft. Their songs have freshness about them. The influences are their but their sound is incredibly tight and the way the sound engineer has solidly made the room sound alongside the solid musicianship the band has won me over. The guitar playing is excellent.Drummer and bass player are tight. They are a band that the kids will dig a lot and will come to all their shows. Their future is bright. Their sound is big and very catchy, they know how to perform on stage and work well as a band and that what you want as punter. A band who knows how to deliver it all and they have, The first track in the set is a highlight for me. Just grabbed me from the word go. If you were wanting a good night of music and a solid head-liner with a bright future. Then this was a gig to have been at. Will I see Sounds Of Sirus again, you bet, am I fan now. Yes I am.


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