• May 6, 2021

Songs that stick with me

After a reading a blog post by the very talented Victoria Thaine about songs that will never leave you, I decided why not list a few that still stick with me always.

Don’t Let It Fade – Sunday’s Best

This band I came across in 2001 online and it took me a few months to find their first album in the shops here in Melbourne and I loved it. Their second album The Californian which this song comes from, it’s just an amazing album, this song is beautiful and so well written and performed, and the singing is amazing. It really just does touch you. Everybody who I’ve sent the link to the video clip agrees.

Angel’s Son – Sevendust

This song was written for an album for singer Lynn Strait from the band Snot who died in a car crash. All of the important musicians in mainstream nu-metal scene  at that time being 1999 and also did Ozzy contributed to an album called Strait Up and is also on their album Animosity. This is such a touching song, and this song hits it home for me at this time due to some personal stuff that has happened recently to me. This song gets me every time. Just an amazing song and Lajon just sings it with so much passion.

Rescue Me – Kristin Hoffmann

Kristin is one of those talented artists that well had some bad experiences with major labels and this song is off her album Real which you can only get on Itunes now and boy is this song incredible, For starters she can really sing, the song is so well written by Kristin and so beautiful. She is a real performer and I hope she keeps on making amazing music.

At Night We Live – Far

This song is off the album with the same name as the song and it is about Chi from The Deftones who is a coma and is just a good tune. Jonah got an amazing voice and this is their last album in over 10 years. I don’t know if they will keep on making music but at least they left with this amazing album.

Hear You Me – Jimmy Eat World

This song is such a beautifully written song, the backing vocals by Rachel Hayden are a real nice touch and the piano playing in this song is excellent. It’s the ballad off Bleed America.

I’ll Take Care Of You – Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

This is a cover but it’s an extremely well done cover, From when the piano open up the track to when Beth starts singing and Joe starts doing his magic with the guitar you know you’ve got a song that is somethig special and haunting and will never leave you. 

Pancho And Lefty – Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard

This is one from my child hood, so it always sticks with me and it’s a great tune. 

Why Worry – Dire Straits

This song is also from my child hood, just rememeber always hearing the intro going what’s this and this song has something about it. 

Bradbury Heights – Magna Fi

Underated rock band with an amazing song to finish off an album, just an incredible ballad type track. Well written sung and performed.



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