• July 10, 2020

Some of my favorite people/bands I have interviewed in the last four years.

So I am off to NZ tomorrow for the month. So updates will be a little less than normal. So I wanted to make a quick post about some of my favorite people/bands interviewed in the last 4 years. I will be doing another post later in the month with a few more.

The Midnight

The Midnight are one of the most exciting retrowave/synthwave bands around. So much to love about what these guys do. I hope they will come tour Australia or if I am back in USA next I will be at a gig if they are doing one when I am there.

Robert Parker

Synthwave/Retrowave genius his music is incredible

Imogen Clark

Talented country singer songwriter here from Australia. She is genuine as they come. A total sweetheart and is a really great person to interview.

Abby Ramsay

Photo used with permission

I meet her last year and she totally rocks. Was such a sweetheart hanging out with me and letting me interview her. She is a talented actor and model with a very bright future ahead of her.

Michelle Ellen Jones

Photo taken by me

Michelle Ellen Jones is a jack of all trades. She does Yoga, Ball Room Dancing, Pageant Coach and Acting. She was some one whom I got to meet in America. She was so accommodating in meeting with me and finding a place that worked for both of us. I am truly grateful for. Both her and her husband were so lovely and I really appreciated the time they gave up in their busy schedule to meet with me and be able to interview Michelle in person. Plus the best photos I have ever taken period.

Photo by me

Kara Connolly

Photo by Betsy Newman

I love when I discover people who are just grateful for the publicity and support. Kara Connolly is one of those people. Talented singer songwriter from America with a bright future. She did a great interview for me and gave me some great answers. Her debut album Life In Rear View comes out on May The 17th. Get behind her she has got the talent.


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