• July 14, 2020

Site almost 15 years old

So some time this year the site will have turned 15 years old. Can’t remember when but there were a lot of bad site designs until the one you see now. I am truly blessed that I’ve been able to do it for so long and I do it because I don’t know any thing else. Heck I’ve done more than 600 interviews.

I love to support people and I really do get a buzz out of it especially their responses to it all. I’ve been fortunate to be able to be friends with some of these amazing people I have interviewed and they continue to appreciate my support.

Michelle Page is one of those people, we are friends now and is grateful for the support. I like what she was doing. Continued to give her the support, we connected. She is a fantastic talent, an incredible actor and she just an alround genuine lovely person. The same with Heather Longstaffe, Ella Cannon, Melissa Johnston & Tori Tate and there are heaps more. I could name loads of people who appreciate my support. These people will always get my support no matter what.

I love discovering new talent, people whom I think are going places. Who would have thought when I landed Sean Rowe amazing debut album to review. Interviewing Beth Hart was a complete highlight. Last minute interview and I was so down to do it. Interviewing The Rocket Summer, Midtown and loads of other bands who are now doing good stuff.

Plus when you come across somebody and you look into what she is doing and your like wow I’ve gotta interview to this person Michelle Ellen Jones is one of those people. A extremely talented actor, she a ball room dancer/instructor, a pageant coach and she teach yoga. She was a pleasure to interview, a total sweetheart and truly grateful for the support. Plus she drop dead gorgeous. One of the most beautiful person I have ever interviewed period. I was excited to interview and she was just a dream interview. Easy to interview and great answers. I will continue to support her career, give her more love on the site, more interviews and more.

Melissa Johnston also fits into that category. Have interviewed her a number of times and is a dream to chat and interview.

Then you have a Swedish musician whom I interviewed for my video show Robert Parker who gives you a plug about what you are doing. He came to town to do a show.

I’ll be honest not everything goes to plan. Can’t always get the interviews you want. Some times the people want nothing to do with you and I get that and I’ll move on.

Who knows if I celebrate maybe I have a piss up somewhere? Maybe I’ll giveaway a whole bunch of stuff. That part is happening on my facebook page. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for reading giving a shit. I’ll keep doing this until who knows when.

Chris Parke
Parx-e Web Zine


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