• March 8, 2021

Shleena Dunn Interview

Shleena Dunn

Shleena Dunn is one smart beautiful girl who is studying Psychology.

But she also posted for Playboy October 2001 Girls Of SEC Edition

and in 2002 College Girls (Spring) Special Edition Magazine.

She is one cool smart girl so we had to feature her on Parx-e.

Interview With Shleena Dunn By Chris

1. How has your life changed since doing Playboy?

My life has not changed at all, except for when it came out in 2001; a lot of
guys were trying to holla at me.

2. Did you ever imagine being in Playboy?

Never in my life imagined it. Never thought of it.

3. How did your parents respond to you being in Playboy?

I just have a Mom and she was so proud. I think in the paragraph about me in
the issue it says that I did it to make my mom proud. It’s not like everyone
can be in Playboy.

4. Is it fun posing for Playboy and doing the photo shoots?

Yeah it makes me feel like a star! It took all day for my photo shoot and I was ready to go
when the day was over.

5. How have people responded when you tell them your in Playboy?

They usually say wow, but I don’t tell a lot of people, just the guys that I want to see
their reactions. A lot of girls like to mean and jealous but that is so stupid
I think. It’s the only drawback of having done the issue.

6. Would you ever like to travel overseas?

I would love to travel over seas.
My place that I want to go to is Ibiza off the coast of Spain. They got some
kick ass parties and great music. Amsterdam is the other place I would go over

7. What would you most like to do after finishing your degree?

Get a job. Get money. Get a new car. Get a man. Get a house. Get married. Be happy.

8. What are some your favorite TV shows going up?

David The Gnome, Rainbow Bright was cool, Popples.

I watched a lot of the old school Sesame Street.

Oh Fraggle Rock was the shit!

9. What’s your view on realty TV?

I see it everyday. I don’t need other people to act it out for me.

10. What are some of your favorite movies?

Legend, Labrynth, Forrest Gump,Dark Crystal, Wrong Turn, Whale Rider, Run Lola Run, Donnie Darko, Scary Movie 3.

I like a lot of movies.

11. What movies that you have seen recently you have really enjoyed?

Haven’t been to the theatre in years and I don’t know why. But I saw

12. What are some of your favourite musical artists?

Benny Benassi, Dimitri
From Paris, DJ Sneak, Obie Trice, Eminem, Daft Punk, modest mouse, the
strokes, Ween, The orb, kelis, ludacris, ceelo, outkast, kanye west, shania
twain, timo maas, Mark farina mushroom jazz, miles davis. I am in love with
music. I have to have it for everything and I listen to so many different

13. What would we find on your stereo at the moment?

Well I got my Winamp going while I am writing this email and it is Ian Pooley “house music”.

Its got a good hard beat to it. (*Dances in seat)

14. What is one thing you most like to do ever?

Most like to do ever?

Two extremes really. I love to chill in a good atmosphere with candles and music
and then again I really love a good party or a neat bar. Dance clubs every now
and then but not like I used to. I generally like to sit at mom’s house on the
couch and watch cable TV.

15. What your favorite thing to do when your not studying?

I love to be on the computer and listen to my music.

I catch myself looking at shoes a lot. cars too. I like to waste time.


Shleena Dunn

Thanks to Shleena Dunn For kindly doing the interview. She Rocks


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