• September 23, 2019

Shifter Interview


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Interview With Michael From Shifter

Shifter Website

1.how did the band form?


2.what were your major influnces?

The Beach Boys & Weezer

3.if you could have a three band bill who would they be?

I’ll have to break this down into different catergories
a) Of all time;The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys
b) Right now; Teenage Fanclub, Weezer and Silversun

4. what music do you class yourselves as?

I would probably class us as “Pop” but in a very outdated sense of the
term, in that I feel we play “Pop-music” as opposed to what’s on the charts
right now

5. where do you think you will be in 10 years?

In the kitchen, maybe in the lounge room.

6. what has been your best gig you have played so far?

Best gig would have to be our debut single launch @ The Healer in Brisbane
followed VERY closely by us opening for Ice Cream Hands @the Evelyn in
Melbourne last month, but the BIGGEST show we’ve ever done was the Big Day
Out this year.

7. what made you want to go out and play music?

A distinct lack of interest in doing anything else

8. what your fav type of beer?


9. who would most like to record a song with?

Brian Wilson

10. will the album be released nationwide?

Yes, thru MGM. It is called Waking Up Late


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