• September 23, 2019

Sea Of Green Interview

Sea Of Green

Eric from Sea Of Green answers my questions


1.why did Sea Of Green split up?

As the leader and founder of the band after we changed drummers I sort of
knew the end was near. I figured we would finish out our contract with The
Music Cartel, who we were in no way happy with at all, and see what would
happen. I think Chemical Vacation is a good CD but no where near as good as
Northern Lights, we were going backwards!

2.was it a good split up?

No, Travis the singer/guitar player had developed a very big alcohol and
drug problem which I was tired of dealing with, as well as the obvious
musical differences/problems, so when I broke the band up I know he was
confused a little bit haha

3.how did sea of green get signed to music cartel as they have some great
bands on the label?

My wife and I managed the band the band form day one and we just sent around
our demo back in 1999 and had two offers, The Music Cartel & Mans
Ruin…pretty sweet we thought hahaha

4. what is the new band like and what is the band name?

Well I’ve posted on the Sea Of Green website that this is a new band it’s
really just some friend jamming for now. I’m not sure if it will become a
band as my real aspiration right now is to take another stab at singing, be
the classic frontman. I did a side project last year called KYBOSH where I
just sang and it was a lot of fun and got some killer reviews.

5. what kinda music does the band play?

Whoever I end up playing with is not 100% right now but the music will be
HEAVY. Imagine a cross between Pantera, Motorhead and KYUSS.

6. what is the scene like where you are in Canada?

Pretty lame actually, there’s a very competative vibe in Toronto…no real
brotherhood or scene to quite honest.

7. what made you want to go out and play music?

That’s simple…KYUSS hahaha

8. if you could have 3 band bill who would the bands be?

QOTSA, KYUSS & UNIDA (I know it’s not possible OK hahaha)

9. who would most like to record a song with?

I would have to say Josh Homme

10. do you have any releases in the pipeline?

The band I end up on/starting will be recorded and released early next year!

Thanks for the interview 🙂



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