• July 12, 2020

Sarah Tollerson – Wherever We Go Album Review

Sarah Tollerson – Wherever We Go (Self Released)


Wherever We Go by Sarah Tollerson is a perfect example of a good solid album that achieves in good song writing, musicianship, vocals and production. The opening track Falling For Each Other is evident in this, just a catchy slice of pop folksy kind of music. If your gonna grab people attention, starting off with songs like this, will always draw you in, that what I think anyway. Why You Coming Around shows off her vocals, the lyrics and musicianship. I love the way the way the guitar sounds and I love the use of the slide guitar. It’s a nice touch as is the use of the backing vocals. Make Up Your Mind is also another winner, the way the guitar sounds, the musicianship and the vocals. It draws you in and moves you at the same time. Fallen Back In is the ballad track off the album. The use of the Violin is a nice touch, her vocals, lyrics and song writing shines. You can’t go past a good ballad and this is one of them. Home With You is another energetic pop, folksy, country type track. I love the energy of the track, the way the song is structured and performed. It’s a winner of a track. I’ll Sneak Away is another ballad the use the piano alongside her vocals just melds the track into something beautiful that you can’t take your ears away from. Love You All The Time let’s her vocals shine as it does the song writing and the production of the album. Can’t Help Believe is a nice tune that shows of her song writing, the use of male backing vocals. The musicianship is first rate and adds to the music. Look Like This has a dark haunting feel to the music. The way it is structured and performed, This is a good album, Sarah has got something going on here. It will be interesting to see what she does next. She got the talent to go places and this album will help her get there.


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