• August 3, 2021


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The sky’s the limit, so they say. But this is not the case for Perth-based artist SACHIV. For this promising
multi-talented emcee, the possibilities in life are limitless and infinite—and this is exactly the message he
tries to tell in his forthcoming EP title ‘Finding Forever’, set for release on July 9th.

Written by SACHIV—with production, mixing, and mastering by SKYY—the five-track project chronicles his life
experiences in the past six to seven years, with all its trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Along with ‘Chasing
Rainbows’, ‘Never Was Enough’, and ‘Fears’, which have been previously released, the EP highlights two new
songs ‘The Realist’ and ‘Finding Forever’. The fresh tracks complete the arc of SACHIV’s story from despair to
hope, from pain to zeal.

Inspired by the hip-hop icons of his generation such as J.Cole, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle,
, and Nas, among others, SACHIV’s penchant for songwriting started early on and has
continued over the years. With this, he was able to perform in the Black Lives Matter charity event in Perth,
and recently headlined two major shows in the city.

“Even the underdog can become a king one day.”—SACHIV

Indeed, from being an underdog, SACHIV is well on his way to becoming a king in his own right. With a
couple of music videos coming up after the EP release, we have no doubt that this emerging artist has found
his forever treasure in music.


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