• May 6, 2021

Roxie Randle – Little Victory EP Review

Roxie Randle – Little Victory EP (Self Released)

Roxie Randle is a American singer songwriter who has a Americana vibe going on and I love what she is doing. She has five incredible songs, alongside the great voice of hers, The first song, You Don’t Know A Thing About Love which is co written with Rachel Loy is a ballad track that is a little catchy as well as being moving that is well written, performed and sung. Goin’ Nowhere is a winner off the EP for written again with Rachel Loy, it is a really catchy rocking tune which has solid vocals, awesome musicianship especially with the guitar playing. I really dug the tune. October Rain is another ballad type track with solid vocals, musicianship and good lyrics, Roxie voice like the rest of the tracks are on fire. This song is written with Georgia Thomas. Learning To Fly is written with Georgia Thomas & Tamara Jacobs, it is a catchy up beat song that will get you moving, good vocals and lyrics, excellent musicianship, ensure the song is a winner. You Were Wrong which is written by Roxie herself is an amazing way to finish off the EP, solid vocals, good lyrics and excellent musicianship adds to this ballad type track. Roxie is an amazing talent she is going to go very far, I loved what I heard, she is something special and unique, she got a voice, great songs and will ensure a successful career. You need to hear this now.


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