• April 15, 2021

Regular John Interview

Regular John

Regular John are a popular hardworking Australian band doing good things, I chatted to Caleb Goman the bass player from the band about it all.


1. How have changed for you guys now as a band?

Lots of changes. Musically I think we’re playing with a whole new set of cards and it’s making for some really interesting stuff.  I feel like we are just getting warmed up with where we can go musically.

2. What was the inspiration for the new song Slume?

Its got echoes of country chords, feedback and just a touch of heavy metal fuzz riffs. It’s like a beast of everything we grew up listening to. Lyrically, Ryan wrote it, so I guess all I’ll say is there’s not many metaphors in those lyrics, it’s all pretty literal.

3. What was the inspiration for the new album Strange Flowers?

Since I was like seven years old I used to spend a lot of time in my room listening to records. Just putting them on and drifting right off into another world. Music is an escape. So we tried to build an escape pod for ourselves and listeners.

4. How was the recording process different to previous releases?

A lot more experimentation and pulling things apart. We were conscious not to repeat the first album in any way so there’s a lot of time spent on layers and little trippy things hidden away. First album was very raw and quick. This one we could relax a little more.

5. How it feel to tour with Motorhead?

Everything you’d imagine. Roadies from Stone Henge, insane amounts of equipment and Melbourne’s Festival Hall gig was probably the loudest show I’ve been to.

6. Who have you enjoyed playing with recently?

We played with Glitter Canyon at the Annandale and they were lots of fun. Tomahawks and streamers and really wild rock n roll. And I mean wild in the truest sense of that word. We’ve had some awesome supports on our last tour.  Some young kids like Horror My Friend or Thomas Covenant who can really play and know their shit.

7. Any plans to go overseas and tour?

I believe we are looking into it for next year. There’s still some Australia to roam this year.

8.  How does social networking help the band?

We’re not so good at using those things for promotion but what I dig is being able to put out little videos or bits or art, it can be an extension of the LP sleeve if you put some effort in. Actually what I really dig is talking to people. It blows your mind when someone shows you a painting they did while listening to your album. I was talking to someone on twitter the other day as they were listening to the album. I was getting a track by track update on what song they were listening to and what they thought. Thats when I realised: I’m in the future.

9. If you could work with any one who would it be?

Gurrumul straight up.

10. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?

Edward Scissorhands. In real life.

11. How has the big day out helped you as a band?

It’s the Big Day Out. It’s great. You get taken care of, you get to see so many bands. We have had some very enjoyable shows there and the whole thing is like a big…day…out… I guess.


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