• July 10, 2020

Pegbucket – Lurk EP Review

Pegbucket – Lurk EP (Self Released)

Pegbucket are a Melbourne band which have released their latest release which is totally DIY which they recorded, produced and mastered in the studio which the drummer & bass player run. Even the artwork and CD is DIY being burnt onto high quality blank CD. They describe their sound as noise rock and this EP delivers with pounding opener Noise Trade then rolls into Greater Dandenong which shows of vocals, musicianship and production. Songs like Vienna Sessions just grabs’ you and don’t let go. It’s a fast past slab of music which shows of the musicianship of the drummer and frantic energy of music. Trouble of Commodore is one of my favourite’s loves how the song is structured and performed. Klavins in another in your face song that delivers, Love the musicianship and song writing of this song. Burning Class finishes off the EP on a good note. This EP just rocks, cranks it loud and just get into it. These guys just rock, and well nothing more to say but it’s good and a lot of fun. I dug this release heap.


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