• January 26, 2021

Pearl The Girl – Just A Phase Album Review

Pearl The Girl – Just A Phase Album Review

This is a great debut album for Sydney artist Pearl The Girl. It uniquely blend’s both catchy upbeat tunes like Charms, Flaws & All. Then you have a song like Dead End Road which would be the anthem song off the album which shows off the musicianship and the song writing. The album itself reminds to a time when I first properly moved to Australia and discovering gems like this. The production has a nice rawness to it. It’s not overly done, but it gives the music edge alongside heart and soul. The music itself to me is indie pop with a dash of indie rock. Her vocals are excellent and songs like She’s Fine Now let them shine. She knows how to write a good song with good solid lyrics to match. The musicianship on the album is second to none. Everything falls into place just nicely. Seriously it’s really refreshing to hear an album of this high quality. Which is actually well written, performed and produced. Dead End Road would have to be my pick off the album. It’s a hit in the making. Charms is my second pick and a great way to start off an album. She is on her way to be one of the next big things in Australian music.


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