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Light” from singer/guitarist Pat Hull is one of the most beautiful records I’ve ever listened to. It’s the kind of album that you can’t just put on in the background, whilst focusing on a distraction. This album draws your attention in, with it’s unpredictable hooks and interesting turns. He’s true. When you hear him play you realize that he just has something. Not something that he practiced and figured out, but something that’s just in him.“–Scary Squids

“”Immediate reactions were to Hull’s Neil Young-huffing-helium vocal range, but after those early assessments, we all realized that he was a goddamn genius.“–Portland Mercury

“With his androgynous tenor, Pat Hull meshes harmonies that come off like staring into the sun at 5:45pm: sometimes it pricks but you keep it up because you like the way it changes how the world looks. Peppered with full vocal harmonies and murky dissonances, Hull’s music is as gut-wrenching as it is galvanizing. The Connecticut-born singer has a young voice and an old soul, it seems, and he brings both for an intimate performance — and a few icy chills up your spine.”–Beacons Pass

HEAR PAT ON BANDCAMP: http://pathull.bandcamp.com/

Pat Hull is a folk singer-songwriter from Connecticut; he is currently based out of Chico, CA. I am beyond honored to work with him—he is one of those rare birds that only show up every so often to just basically blow your mind into a million bits. Pat is touring the U.S. this winter in support of ‘Light’ and in anticipation of the February 2013 release of ‘Shed Skin,’ a collection of songs with similar vocally harmonic tendencies as ‘Light,’ but with a more detailed and complex configuration of supporting instrumentation. I HAVE A LIVE VIDEO FOR HIM (BELOW) that I’d love for you to watch and share, and I have digital copies of “Light”, his latest release, and I’ll have the masters of his forthcomig February release ready for you in mid-January. And if you are close to where he’s playing, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO GO.

More of his story: After leaving the East Coast for California to attend graduate school, Pat released three albums from Chico, CA: ‘Forever’s Night’ (2009), ‘Pat Hull’ (2009), and ‘Fable Names’ (2010). Throughout his years in Chico Pat played constantly, not only locally but all along the West Coast. Following Grad school, Pat left Chico to dive into Brooklyn’s music scene without his band and ready to reinvent his musical identity. There he met Michael Chinworth and began a collaboration that led to the 2011 release of ‘Light’. The 10 songs seem to connect as one. In addition to releasing ‘Light’ Pat and Michael toured through U.S. and most recently Europe in February of 2012.

Ready for a change of scenery, Pat returned in spring of 2012 to Chico to usher in a new renaissance for Northern California grassroots singer/songwriters and prepare for his newest studio project “Shed Skin”. JJ Beck and Michael Chinworth will be returning to record and perform on the new album and with them will bring the same chemistry that worked so well on ‘Light’. As well, Pat will be going on the road again, touring the West Coast this November/December and the Eastern U.S. in February/March 2013 in support of the new album ‘Shed Skin’, which is slated for a February 2013 release.



“The disarmingly high-pitched voices of Pat Hull and cohort Michael Chinworth achieve the most haunting, absorbing results…this Brooklyn-based artist is well worth checking out.”–Music Connection

“Pat Hull has what Neil Young had. He has what Waits had and he has what Cash had. He’s got originality within tradition, vibrancy with control, emotional empathy while remaining distant. There isn’t a single track I could single out from this album, I tried.”–Dingus

“The Brooklyn-based songwriter’s alto and his intimate melodies are evocative of Luke Temple’s solo…records before he started Here We Go Magic, and although the instrumentation, cadence and atmosphere of this material scream “country”, Pat’s melodies and guitar parts go in the direction of gently reinventing the genre rather than obeying to its exhausted axioms”–Deli Magazine

“Pat Hull. This guy just absolutely slayed me. High, clear as a bell voice that hits you right in the solar plexus. Heart-wrenching lyrics. He’s a youngster but has an old poet’s soul for sure.”–Southeast Festival Scene


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