• April 15, 2021

Parx-e Web Zine Hitlist

Parx-e Web Zine Hitlist

You know I don’t do this every often but I figured why not. These are just a few people & bands and so on to watch out for in 2011.

Chaos Divine

A Perth metal band who I reckon have released one of the best metal albums of the year The Human Connection.

Sons Of Rico

Indie Rock Perth band who have had Triple J play and tour when ever they can and their debut album is incredible.

Catherine Traicos

New album of Her’s is incredible. Gloriosa is a must have. she is a world class artist worth your time listening to.

Shannon Hurley

New album California is a great album, one of my favs of the year and one of new favorite singer songwriters.

Katie Costello

Delightful American singer songwriters, who writes such lovely catchy alt pop tunes as well as haunting ballads.  Lamplight is a great album.

Plane Jane Automobile

Great American rock band who new album sounds amazing. songs are really good. They have been doing it for a while and I think this album Your Tomorrow should do it for them. It’s good modern alt rock music.

Michelle Page

I’m a friend of Michelle and support her in all she does. Love her work and with some new movies on the way like Rogue River which you’ll get to see very soon and with new projects in the work. This girl does no wrong and will be a superstar very soon and one of the best up and coming actors at the moment but I’m bias  and I think she awesome and super talented. You seen all the stuff I’ve done for her on here, if you come across my site in the past.

Melissa Johnston

I’ve just come across her recently and interviewed her today but I think she has got talent and the drive to be one of actors to watch out. I was impressed with what she can do and what she wants to do. So worth watching out for.


This talented Melbourne band have recorded some new songs and I’ve heard good things and Can’t wait to hear them. Love the last EP. They will be huge.

House Of Honeys

Just a great Melbourne Rock and Roll Band with a hint of alt influences. These boys have got the talent and energy to go very far and I believe they will.

Further Earth

Another Perth band who have put out a killer EP Kingdom that is so radio friendly catchy but so well written and energetic, it’s worth your time.

Firestarter Music & Distribution
Firestarter is a Perth distributor, focusing on distributing Perth music and they pick great artists to be distributed such Sons Of Rico, Further Earth, Chaos Divine & Blazing Entrails for examples. They do no wrong by me.

Julie Dickson

Businesswomen & Actor who is doing well with both. I like what she does and supports her work.

Sophie Serafino

Fan of this talented muso, she an incredible violinist, singer songwriter and has put out a new EP called Gold Violin.

Natalie Reiss

Great pop singer songwriter, love her Stuff

Black Hayet

Rock & Roll done right.

One Kind

Great modern rock band who music I totally love


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