• August 3, 2021

Parx-e Hit List

Parx-e Hit List

Here a list of people and bands I think are doing good things and will be going places. I do this every year and randomly every few months so read on.

Tori Tate – this Broadcasting Journalism student and model is on her way to a very successful future, not only is she very smart and switched on, she is extremely beautiful.  This girl is going places.  I can see her doing wonderful things in TV real soon.

Crossing Romeo – This Melbourne rock band has released their debut album this year and it’s a first class release that rivals or even better in some cases bands releases on a major label or any label signed. This is a band to watch out for and check out.

King Of The North – this Melbourne two piece rock and roll band has the town talking, with successful gigs allover including a residency at the espy each Monday this month and a successful supporting gig supporting Cold Chisel earlier this year, If you love good rock and roll and want to be blown away. I suggest you go see them now before you’re the odd one out when their name comes up in conversation.

Empra – Melbourne rock band Empra released their debut album to a sold out audience at revolver and this hard working band is working their butts of touring this album and with some love from radar radio these guys are going places. If you love good rock music and something to crank in your car or stereo, check these guys out live, they always put on a good show.

Michelle Page – my good friend Michelle rocked in Rogue River, delivered a solid performance and is currently on stage playing a role in the stage production of Compleat Stage Beauty in LA, this actor is working her way, making a name for herself giving solid performances, I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Voodoocain, these guys rock, a solid band live, and this Melbourne band just do something really good, if your first show is a knock out you’re on to something, see this band and find out why they rock.

Melissa Johnston – this actor is doing good, doing some good stuff on the big screen and small. I like what she does as an actor and will continue to support her.

Gossling – She is doing well, having her voice on a hit song last year, plus a successful ep with solid reviews, plus a good booking agent and publishing deal, now having her voice on the new Woolworths ads. Is this the next big thing in Australian Music? I think so. She got it.

The Bloodpoets – This Brisbane band just delivered a fun time every time I see them live. Solid tunes from this alternative rock band. I love what this band does and I know they will have a successful future.

Alison Grayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_lQ4iu2V2k just what the clip for her song Break Me, that should explain why she on the list and why she got something special.

Jessica Long & The New King
– amazing singer songwriter with a killer band behind her, Just doing incredible stuff.

Molly Shaw – a model, musician and actor with a bright future ahead of her. She got beauty and talent to go places and she will.


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