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Parx-e Best Of List 2019

Parx-e 2019 Best Of List

My annual best of list is here so I’ve decided I’m gonna put this weeks podcast in the same post. I talk about the best of list, gigs going to and that about it.

People to watch out for in 2020

Michelle Ellen Jones

One of the hardest working people I have interviewed, she a pageant coach, she a ball room dancer, does yoga, she has taught Kinesiology. She an actor with two films that have come out this year, She was excellent in Pickaxe and the same is being said for Dropa. This talented lady can do it all. She is such a talented lady that continues to impress and every thing she does. I have no doubt 2020 will go amazing for her. She impress with her Ballroom Dancing with her husband entering competitions all over America. Her work as a pageant coach is getting her praise. She is such a sweetheart, such a lovely lady and accommodating. Finding a place that worked for both of us when I came over in 2018 was awesome and I can’t wait to hang again with her. Michelle Ellen Jones is somebody I have no doubt will be a huge star and a major talent that everybody will want to work with. Mark my words this is a lady you need to know about. She is also one of my favorite people I have interviewed in the last 10 years.

Katey Laurel

This talented singer songwriter has been writing and performing amazing music for years. She also an actor, spokesperson and a model who work is gaining her notice in that field as well. She writes and performs such amazing music, her last EP was first rate and her work out side music is excellent. Her new music this year is incredible, and such incredible song writing and her vocals shine. She deserves all the success she is getting.

Abby Ramsay

Photo by Kenneth Gutierrez used with permission

What I can say but this talented actor and model, I reckon she is going to be a star. She works hard at doing all that she does. She big on her causes and was lucky enough to be accepted to a modelling camp. She always modelling and putting her name out there. To me making sure everybody knows who she is. To me it won’t be long until they do and every one will want to work with her. She is always doing stuff and using social media perfectly. She deserves everything that has come her way. Been lucky enough to be able to interview her the times I have and being able to meet her was cool also and can’t wait to hang again in August.

Kara Connolly

Photo by Betsy Newman

This talented singer songwriter has released one of the best albums of the year it is excellent. I reckon a masterpiece of singer song writing. She is a phenomenal talent worthy of the accolades she is getting. Watch out world Kara gonna take the world by storm. I’m excited about meeting her in August.

Alicia Sky

Amazing singer songwriter, a great vocalist with an amazing voice, She does excellent pop music and she puts everything into all that she does with her music. She deserves all that comes her way.

Alli Walker

If anyone is going to be the next big thing in country music, it’s Alli Walker, incredible singer songwriter with an awesome voice and great tunes. Her debut album is a real winner.

Michelle Page

Photos by Patric Massou/Patrick Massou

Michelle Page is a force to reckon with. Not only is she an actor but these days is kicking goals in New York. Getting her Masters in Social Work at Columbia University, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Everything she does she just commits to it one hundred percent. Every performance she does that I have seen her in she just makes the role her own and makes you connect with the character. This talented smart lady is going places. I can’t wait to hang with her again next year. I am lucky to be friends with this amazing lady she rocks. She is one of my favorite people period.

Ella Cannon

Incredible Australian actor going strong in America. I reckon she will be one of next big things to come out of Australia and it won’t be long until everybody knows her name.

Destiny Love

Photo copyright Destiny Love

This talented lady continues to impress me with all that she does. She breathes positivity, wisdom energy into the videos she puts up online. Her courses and medications are worth looking at. She is one talented switched on lady who has a very bright future ahead of her. I am also grateful for the voice over work she has done for me and hopefully one day we get to hang out.

Olivia May

I adore what Olivia does, an incredible actor, amazing singer songwriter. Her new album just came out of nowhere and it’s excellent.

Albums of The Year

Kara Connolly – Life In Rear View

First rate debut album for this incredible singer songwriter

Lauren Jenkins – No Saint

Lauren Jenkins has delivered one of the best country albums of the year. She is going place

Chelsea Wilson – Chasing Gold

Chelsea Wilson latest album is soul heaven and it delivers. It’s a must have.

On Diamond – Self Titled Album

An incredible debut album for the indie talent here in Melbourne Australia

Michael Oakley – Introspect

Incredible Synthwave album

Kalax – III

Kalax sets the standard for Synthwave albums. The blend of instrumentals and vocal tracks work perfectly together.

American Football – new album (LP3)

American Football delivers another masterpiece album.

CJ Burnett – Disco Night.

CJ is one talented Synthwave artist, releases an album and EP in one year. Both excellent.

Hatchie – Keepsake

I adore what Hatchie does. This indie/dream pop album is excellent. So many excellent songs that are a joy to the ears.

Ollie Wride – Thanks in Advance

One of the best male vocalists in the Synthwave Genre and his debut album is truly incredible. Such a good songwriter

Lower Dens – The Competition

Back with another incredible album. It’s worth seeking out.

Alli Walker – The Basement Sessions: What I’ve Learned So Far

The next big thing in Country music is Alli Walker and this debut album indicates that.

Amanda Rogers – The Hallow

Amanda Rogers is my all time favourite singer songwriter and this is another fine album to her catalogue of music.

Vast Hill – More Than You Imagine

This Sydney dream pop outfit have released an excellent debut album. Takes you to a good place.

Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 3
This is an excellent compilation full of good proper pop music that you should seek out and discover.

Boostraps – Demo Love

This is a fantastic album, Whenever You’re Around is one of my songs of the year. When I found out, he had a new album out. I had to get it straight away.

Olivia May – So Random

I adore Olivia and all she does. She surprise with a new album and it’s great.

Kilns – You Can Bet Your House On Me

Excellent debut album for this local Melbourne band. They always put on a good show. Well written tunes and great production.

Rival Sons – Feral Roots

Rival Sons deliver another amazing album. Still one of the best rock bands going around in the last 10 years.

EP’s of The Year

CJ Burnett – Heartracer

CJ Burnett puts out an album and an EP in one year. Both are excellent and he is one of my favourite Synthwave artists.

The Wild Romantics – Feel The Lightnin’

The Wild Romantics make awesome folk/country/rock’n’roll music and they have an EP out and I was excited to get it. It’s great.

George Ergemlidze -Simplicity II

Awesome Synthwave artist with and excellent EP

Vic Allen – Enough
A Talented UK country artist who is making a name for herself. She releases a fine EP very much worth your time. Someone who is going to have a huge future ahead of herself, just trust me on this one.

Juno Dreams – Dream Dust

Juno Dreams deliver another amazing Synthwave EP that very much worth your time.

Songs of The Year

Bootstraps – Whenever You’re Around
FM-84 – Bend & Break
The Midnight – American Online
Client Liaison – The Beat Machine
Client Liaison – The Real Thing
Jordan F – Final Flash
Nina – Automatic Call
ODYSAYH – Highway 707

People/Bands that matter in 2019

Michelle Baena

An amazing lady, model and mother. Big on causes and such a total sweetheart. She has always been really lovely to me and can’t wait to meet her.

Hilary Kennedy

One of my favourite people period, Lovely lady, now a mother. Always grateful for the time we get to hang out.

Katie Cole

An excellent singer songwriter, a lovely lady. Now doing amazing things with The Smashing Pumpkins. This Aussie is going from Strength to Strength.


I adore Monroe, phenomenal singer and songwriter. She is an incredible talent, writing for others. In addition her own songs are exceptional.

Alex Van Zeelandt

Alex is one hard-working lady. She is a model and actor. Really awesome and is always doing things. She killing goals in acting and modelling. Was such a dream to meet her finally.

The Midnight

Seeing these guys play finally in July was dream come true, with two of my best mates and my brother. Was an excellent show and these guys are one of the most exciting acts to come out in a long time. These guys are gonna be huge,

Late July

A talented Canadian artist, who released some excellent music this year. She is going places and is a name to watch out for.

Shannon Hurley

Shannon continues to keep making amazing music. She has a patreon account and releases a new song every month. I hope to meet her finally next year.

Caity Lynn

A talented actor from America who is doing good things and is making a name for herself. She is somebody to watch out for. She going to go very far with her acting.

Vic Allen

This talented British artist is gonna have a very bright future ahead of her. Mark my words.

Miss Elm

I love what Miss Elm does and she has two awesome new songs out this year. Plus two excellent video clips to go with it. Bring on the EP


Hen is another favorite Australian artist of mine and she has released new music yay.

Sophie Armstrong

I adore what Sophie does and she keeps on making amazing music. She is such a talented violinist. With a new song out and a Christmas album out, she continues to impress.

Jamie Miller

Talented American actor who going to go very far.

Christie Lamb

One of the hardest working country musicians in Australia right now, with a new amazing album out Broken Lines. She continues to shine.

The Murderballs

Awesome Melbourne punk band who finally release a debut album Gross Encounters. It’s great just like their live show. These guys rock

Catherine Traicos

A new album by Catherine is always welcome. I love what Catherine does and will always continue to support her. Nobody Could Hear Us check it out.


Linney continues to impress with her songs and she a name to watch out for. She is one talented American artist.


Talented singer based out of Sydney and also spends time in Bali. Incredible voice who gonna go very far

Skyler Day

She an actor but is also an amazing singer songwriter. I have both her EP saw her play in 2018 and I have a t shirt. Her new song Sleepwalking is excellent as is her other song from this year Honest. She is one talented lady.

Allison Kugel

Talented writer and interviewer. I’ve known Allison for a number of years now and is a far better interviewer than I am. Her book Journaling Fame: A memoir of a life unhinged and on the record is a must have read. I will always continue to support her in all that she does.

The Southern Loom / Wild Flower Swimwear

Photos by Laura Morsman Photography taken from Wildflower Swimwear Website and are used with permission.

I love what Laura does and yes I’ve known her a number of years, she is incredibly switched on and talented. Her business The Southern Loom which she sells Vintage rugs is going amazing for her. Earlier this year she finally launched her business selling swimwear she has designed which she has been wanting to do for years. Wildflower Swimwear.

She is a person who is incredibly hard working and all the hard work is paying off. Laura is wearing the swimwear she has designed. She really is doing amazing with all the stuff she is doing. This is why I decided to give her more love here on the site by helping to promote her swimwear line which is made in America which is amazing. and of course her rug business. I love what she is doing which is why she is on my site annual best of list for her businesses.

Gigs of The Year

The Midnight @ The Corner
Client Liaison @ The Forum
Greta Van Fleet @ Festival Hall
Shake Yer Popboomerang Vol.3 compilation launch @ The Spotted Mallard
Kilns Album Launch @ The Gasometer
Elton John @ Rod Laver Arena

Movie’s & Doco’s


The Rainbow


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