• July 10, 2020

Olivia May – So Random Album Review

Olivia May – So Random

 What can I say but I adore Olivia May and all that she does. She a fantastic actor as well as being an awesome singer songwriter, Ever since I first came across her, who this person I need to know more. Thankfully it has. So her new album just pops out of nowhere and totally so happy for her. The album is excellent and a fine addition to her already amazing catalog of music. Bloodline opens up with a beautiful dark and mysterious pop tune with hints of rock. It shows off her beautiful voice and lyrics. Close My Eyes is just a beautiful song just with her and the piano. Shows off her beautiful voice, lyrics and the song writing. Day by Day is another winner of a pop song. It’s more emotional with hints of 90’s music to me. Don’t Fall in Love is a winner of a song. It has hints of modern R&B mixed with pop. I love the use of the piano. Her vocals and lyrics are excellent. Groove is a pop song to mixed with some 90’s modern rock music. Shows off the production and of course Olivia amazing voice. Run Away is a modern rock to me and let’s her voice shine. Self Design is another winner it’s a rock song that shows off her versatility as a singer and songwriter. This Town is a song that revolves around the acoustic guitar. I love the use of Olivia voice and the use of the backing vocals. This is an excellent album by Olivia, she should be proud of it. She has put out an album that shows off her range and how she can do different styles of music. I’ve been a fan of her as an actor and a musician and this is another notch in what the amazing Olivia May can do. She deserves everything that comes her way and this is a masterpiece. Check it out it rocks.


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