• September 21, 2019

Old Movie & Zine Reviews

Kicking The Dog Movie Review

Kicking The Dog is a delightful college comedy that has great acting, funny laugh out loud scenes, good directing and it is really a joy to watch. It’s about a bunch of guys and their girls and what they get up to. The stories they tell when they are drinking are really funny and also some times can be quite gross which really added to the film. Scoot Nancy has done a remarkable job of this film as the writer and director, get this the majority of this film is filmed in this parents house. This film is low budget but the way it is shot and directed you wouldn’t really know it. This is one of the best college comedy I have seen in ages, a joy from start to finish. Go see this now folks.

LA Blues – (Entertainment Studios Home Entertainment)

LA Blues is an amazing movie and a real discovery. It’s a film about an accident that happen one night on New Years Eve to a group of friends and the lead up to the accident. The film is told in flashback as we the viewer as we find out the lives of 6 friends who hang out in an LA Blues bar as the lead up to the accident. The viewer is reward with solid acting, an amazing script, a great cast and directing that really sells the movie. This a film that feels like you are hanging with your friends, you want to have a drink with them. Each of the 6 friends has their own lives but when they come together they laugh about life’s problems and you too will be able to connect with that. Anthony Michael Hall and Dave Foley are a joy to watch in this. The film was financed by the director. Films are meant to be something to be treasured and enjoyed and this is one of them.

Goodbye Baby Movie Review

Goodbye Baby is a charming indie drama about a girl who moves to New York because she can’t afford to go to college and gets a job as a waitress in a comedy club. She lives with her eccentric older brother, she enters a unlike love triangle while trying to raise the nerve to get up on stage and perform. To me it is a film that is about the people and the lives around them. Christine Evangelista is outstanding as the lead, she carries the role perfectly, She one minute witty and funny, then next minute easily tackling the dramatic scenes in the movie. Alan Ruck also has a great role in the film and it’s a refreshing change from the comic roles he has played in the past. It is also a film nicely shot and direct. These are the kinds of movies I like where there are real characters, real people, people that you actually want to care about. I really liked the ending, Alan Ruck played his part perfectly, I couldn’t help but be moved by it. It’s been getting some great reviews and feedback and it’s easy to see why. Goodbye Baby is an outstanding movie that deserves your attention.

Broken Windows (Vanguard Cinema) R1 DVD Review

Broken Windows is an independent film directed by Tony Hickman and is about 5 women and a few days that will change their lives forever. It is a film that is well directed, well acted and has a great story is perfectly joined together to make a film that is worth watching. Their is the character whos is a photographer who has sold her soul for high paying photography jobs that don’t really have any real art value. The character of the female actor who having to face the decision of doing a part in a role that could change her career to good or bad and a boyfriend who isn’t helping. The acting is solid, each actor play their part perfectly and you can see that the actors are enjoying the parts they are playing. The cinematography is excellent, the film is so well shot for a low budget film. Larisa Oleynik, Sarah Tompson and Michael Gross were all just excellent in this. Its one of those films that has characters who a real and people we can relate to. It got some good set of extras on the DVD like commentary tracks and behind the scene stuff. I liked this film, it kept me interested, wanted to make me find out what happended to the characters. You will enjoy this movie.

Stone & Ed (Peacock Films) Film Review

Stone & Ed tells the story of two brothers who unwittingly one day discover they maybe not brothers after all so they go on quest to find their mother. The other major subplot involves a briefcase and adds a funny element to the movie. With the title of the film you can get the general idea of the film that yes this is a a stoner comedy, it’s a low budget one but heck it’s funny as. I’m no high class, high quality pretensions snobby film critic and yes this film has been trashed but lot’s of people but I really enjoyed this film and some of my favorite films are pretensions arthouse movie and this movie has some pricessless scenes that I seem to want to watch all over again. The cast are great in this movie and yes their are a few cameos but some known people but you don’t watch it for that, you watch it for everything else. I enjoyed the film because it was a funny film with some great dialog and some priceless scenes. Us Australian viewers get a nice widescreen DVD unlike American which is full screen. If you are pretensions film fan who only watchs high class movies that seem to win awards that nobody watches then you probably won’t like but if your like me that likes both and enjoys these kinda movies from time to time, dig in I say. Top stuff.

The Day the Earth Stood Still – Movie Review

This is a community service announcement, I am no film maker, yes I know actors and I have interviewed a few directors but this remake is really bad and is a shame for all the money they spent on it. Firstly Keanu Reeves is not good as the main character, his performance is wooden but I know he doesn’t need to have high class acting for the role but his deadpan performance is lacking. Jennifer Connelly is fine as Helen the scientist and gives the role what it needs but I just feel this film overall is a pay check for all the actors invovled. John Cleese is a fantastic actor but his role in here is so small and can’t really do much with the part. The ending is pretty much what you expect for a hollywood film. I didn’t like the film, I knew I wasn’t expecting much but still they could of made it a little bit more interesting but the special effects were good.

A Christmas Too Many (Flashback Entertainment)

I Figured it’s Christmas and well I need to do some more updating, then why not review a Christmas movie, well A Christmas Too Many is a Christmas comedy like Together Again For The First Time but well this one is a lot less serious and quite funny. The story is this Oscar winner actress Lana Myers invites the estranged family together for Christmas back home at her California home. This also includes her ex husband and yes things going wrong. It stars such actors as Mickey Rooney who gives one of his best performances in ages, Sam McMurray a hoot as the son who hunts every year for the christmas dinner. Also such actors as Andrew Keegan, Clint Howard and yes Gary Coleman. I liked the film because it’s actually funny, some of the dialog is just priceless. It’s a film that is enjoyable but also engaging. It is really a film that is a hoot to start to finish. The DVD for the price is perfect, a nice widescreen DVD and only cost $2 bucks. So have a laugh or two with this funny funny movie.

Together Again For The First Time (Ocean Park Home Entertainment)

Together Again For The First Time is a christmas movie about a family who comes home for christmas to things going horribly wrong. They all can’t basically stand each other but during the day a series of events happen. Firstly it’s not like your typical hollywood christmas comedy, this film has a lot of heart, a lot meaning and what it means to be family. The acting is first rate, Michelle Page is lovely as Kaye, she gives a wonderful peformance full of fun and energy and emotion when it needs it and yes she so cute in it. She gona long way since this was filmed. Larisa Oleynik does a good british accent and she good in the movie too. Heck they are all good in this movie. To me this film is more drama than comedy with comedy moments thrown in. It’s nicely shot and it really is nicely directed. It’s nice to have a film that doesn’t heavly use the hollywood clique throughtout the movie to get the film across. It’s nice to see a film that is filmed in a small town in america. It is a trully a wonderful film with lot’s of little suprises with a solid cast that makes the film a worth while watch. 2 Thumbs Up.

Cotton Flowers – (Singa Home Entertainment/Echelon Entertainment)

Cotton Flowers tells the story of 4 priviledge teenagers who have to work on a economics project together who come from different circles of groups. It also the story of these 4 teenagers who have come from sheltered priviledge backgrounds who are unprepared for real life. The 4 main characters are all different they are the types of people we would know from highschool. They are Brit, Sophie, Todd and Andy,One meets a guy in a record shop working there and falls for him and basically goes to meet him unaware of the dangers that lies ahead. She thinks he a nice guy but it doesn’t turn out that way,Andy gets locked out of home after his constant disrespect for his parents and then he goes to his favorite haunt and meets a security guard offers him a place to stay the night and things turn from bad to really bad. The film does a good job of showing how sheltered people who are not prepared for situations like the ones in the film and how they handle the situations they face. Sophie played by Giovanna Marie personally I think is the strongest in the film as she has seriously the most toughest situation to face. But all of the acting is pretty good.The situation involving the security guard also is distibuing as there are people like that in real life. Brit the bitch in the movie has the situation of doing drugs without anybody knowing is a hard thing to do when your the most popular person at school. But the worst is yet to come as the film does have a really tragic ending. The film is about the consequences of your actions/mistakes which films depicts and how you deal with them if you can. This film does have a bit of nudity and sexual situations but has a point to the movie. It isn’t used in a explotive way. Yes this is a low budget film that obviously been shot in digital but it the story and the acting which really makes the movie a winner in my books. This film is one of those films that make you think about the situations of your actions and about how we are not always in control.

False River – (Singa Home Entertainment/Echelon Studios)

False River tells the story of Jim Mix who is unwittingly framed for murder and is desperate to escape tghe insane asylum in the deep south so escape with two other prisoners and he back to his home in False River to embark on a psychical and spirtiual quest. They soon realize that the outside world is crazier than the place they have just been. The film is shot in film and for the budget they have had, it is shot really well and you can really get feel of False River. Sal Xuereb is amazing as Jim Mix, he really handles the film well and gives the character depth and makes the character his own. The supporting cast is solid too. The film was not what I expected but was hooked right from the start, it’s a story and journey that you discover people that are human, people who may be a little crazy but have feelings and maybe no different from people we know. It also a film that offers hope to the characters. It is refreshing to watch a movie with honesty and the love of the craft of making and telling a good story where there are well written indepth characters, people that are human with feelings. Rex Hauck the director has done a fine job of this film. False River is a brilliant piece of filmmaking, a brilliant story that is truly a journey worth taking. I will be for one taking this journey again.

The Mentalist – Red Tide Episode Review

Let not beat around the bush here. I am friends with Michelle Page and I have done stuff for her career like giving her two interviews on this website and all the publicity I have given her on here and my myspace page and a few other small things. I have known her for two years and have meet her earlier this year. so anything I say about her is bias. But she just been on that new show The Mentalist playing the character Hope.Michelle Page is the star of this episode, she really does show of her acting range. She gives a performance that is so totally believable and that at end you just don’t have any feelings for her. I could see this being her break and directors and casting people and producers will no doubt will wanna work with this incredbly talented lady. I for one thinks she deserves an emmy for amazing outstanding performance. Everybody is solid acting wise in this episode. It is really a great storyline and let’s Michelle Page show off her acting talents. I have no doubt that this will do wonders for her career. I think she just an amazing actress/actor. What else is there need to say but if you didn’t watch the episode you missed out on an incredibly powerful amazingly emoitional performance by my good friend Michelle Page. I just loved the episode and for the reason of Michelle super duper performance. She gives a performance that is truly depth and totally amazing. I totally thought she looked extremely beautiful in the last part of the show. But when sensored and dog come out watch those films. This girl is already a star to me, but she gonna be an actor who will always give solid performances and will always stay kind,respectful,lovely and caring. She is the actor/actress to watch out for in 2009. Yeah I said it last year but she has been so good to me and seeing the stuff she been in. She far better than a lot of the bigger stars at the moment. Go check this episode out folks.

Letting Life In (Singa Home Entertainment/Echelon Studios)

Letting Life In is the story between two people in one year, one being a reclusive novelist played by Patrick Hall named Michael who lives in upstate New York and the other being a cancer survivor named Sarah who takes a job as Michael personal assistant played by the very talented Anne W Griffin. It�s a low budget film but it�s a very good one. The film is basically a two person movie being only two characters in the film. I liked how the film basically slowly lets you know about the characters you don�t find out everything straight away and how they some how become closer as the movie goes on and then sadly tragedy happens. I like it how it takes it time to tell the story instead of giving it to you in one big blast straight away. Anne W Griffin is the star of the movie, she is a revelation in this, she gives a wonderful performance, she naturally plays the role, she makes the character human and gives it the depth and understatement it needs to the character of Sarah. She is a real find and she going to have a bright career ahead of her. So watch out for her. It was a really good little film about love, breaking out of your shell and new lease on life. The acting was fine by both but I thought Anne was really good. Patrick Hall played his character well and made the character the way it you were supposed to feel. The scenery and background for the setting of the film was perfect. For a low budget film it was nicely shot and location was used to good affect. It is a film at times that is heartfelt and honest and makes you really feel for the characters and wants you to see them be happy and you do like I did do feel sad when the tragedy happens as they have been through so much together, a wonderful drama that deserves to be seen with a star in Anne W Griffin.

Hell’s Gate – (Singa Home Entertainment/Echelon Studios)

Hell’s Gate is a crime flick which tells the story of two ex cons who have this meeting with this british person who wants to kidnap this billionaires daughter for ransom money and what happens when they do kidnap her and events afterwards. I actually really really liked this film, going into not knowing nothing but coming out really enjoying the film. The ending is fantastic and has a really great twist that you never see coming. The setting which is warehouse as the main focal point of the movie is a nice solid touch to the film where the kidnapped daughter sits in the middle tired up. It not an overly violent movie expect for one scene, it’s a film that does have a lot of swearing tho but not as much as some films have. The ending was my favorite part of the movie just because of the way it played out. I also liked how you found about the characters as you go through the movie and it’s not just given to you in one big heap and you find out their story and what their little secret is. I liked how the British character you never quite find out what he really up to and how slowly you find out bits of information about him and why he knows so much about the two main characters. It looks really good for a low budget film that is shot in digital and has good choices of locations for the film and the main setting which is an old warehouse where they keep the daughter until they get their ransom money. The acting is really good by all and to me Brian Faherty is the actor in the movie which stands out the most and see him having a successful career. I also dug the choice of tunes for the movie they really worked well alongside the movie and gave it something to the movie. It was really truly one of those films where I came into with no expectations and coming away completely blown away by the film. It’s a classy crime flick that is a real find. I hope one of the aussie dvd companies release this film here it’s worth a look.

Five Moments Of Infidelity (Singa Home Entertainment/Echelon Studios)

Five Moments Of Infidelity is a great australian independent film that deals with the subject of Infidelity. It has different stories about different couplies and their issues and they all interact in some way. The carefree sexy young things, who think they have nothing to lose,The upwardly mobile thirty-something couple with perfect careers and family life,The gay pair with an open relationship,The frustrated urban duo hanging onto familiarity; and The suburban family full of secrets and lies about to lose it all. It was one of those films you are like wow this is really good as Australian films well a lot of them seem to have a bad rap lately and it’s really nice to find one that you truly enjoy and really got into and this is one of them. I liked this film because of the way the characters interacted with each other and the good use of dialog and made it really fresh and interesting to watch. I wanted to know what happened with the characters what happened next, I liked how the characters felt human and real and that they are kinda people that we can all relate to. The storyline involving the suburbian family is the one that really ends with devestating results and really makes the film something unique as well these things happen, I also got from the film is that we are all human and we make mistakes and that the causes of our actions bad or good can change the outcome of our lives. The acting from all the actors involved is first class and not a bad performance by all. For a low budget film it looks fantastic and I can see why Echelon picked this film up for worldwide rights, The dvd itself is fine for a low budget australian film, it is in widescreen and offers some good extras on the making of the movie and some of the challenges. It’s a really refreshing movie on the subject of infidelity and it is a fine australian drama that deserves to be seen by all.

Read You Like A Book (Vanguard Cinema) DVD Review

Read You Like A Book is a truly wonderful film which is truly independent and is a story that is set in a bookshop and about how that one day changes the lives of the staff and many of the customers who shop there when a mysterious book comes into the store. It was something I discovered by chance, Firstly the acting is top notch from all the cast. Dante played by Tony Amendola is truly wonderful in the role and gives it the performance it needs to make the character really work. Karen Black is just simply perfect as Kate, she gives it all to the part, so does Barbara Crampton as Zoe and Catalina Larranaga as Gina. I really liked at the start of the film how the main character being Dante describes the store and the staff and the regular customers who shop there, it was a nice touch to the film. To me it is a film that is part Drama and Comedy. To me it’s one of those rare films that you truly get involved with. I was drawn to the characters and to what happened to them, I wanted to know what happened next. I really liked the use of bookstore as the template for the film. It sets the film out to be something really different and special. It is an independent film that is low budget but it doesn’t take away any of the magic that this film really has. Vanguard Cinema offers a nice clear wide screen DVD so you don’t miss out on any of the action on screen. This is truly a wonderful film that deserves to discovered and enjoyed.

Bones � Player Under Pressure review

If you didn’t know I went to the USA for two weeks in April and one of the things I did was hang out with Miss Michelle Page who was the highlight of my trip, and one of the things I did was take her out 4 dinner and we went dancing to a cover band afterwards and then we went and talk to the band afterwards when they were having a break and she talk about being on Bones in over a weeks time, and then they invited her on stage and keep on calling her Bones, the day I left to go home, they her episode was on the television but the airport was showing the basketball but now here is the review. The episode wasn’t shown last year because of the Virginia college shootings. The episode is about college student who plays basketball is found dead which the bones team thinks it’s murder and it’s a good episode with all the cast being fantastic, their is enough twists to keep you guessing to who the murderer is, but you don’t want to know about that, you want to know what I wanted to know was Michelle Page good in it, yep she was, she plays Justin Berry, a gothic girl and she makes a good gothic girl, and she still manages to look amazing, her role is small but she still gives a powerful performance and gives the role the depth it needs, but she done some amazing stuff after this was shot like two kick ass movies, two short films and lot’s of cool stuff lined up in the works. So she going places, this was a good episode and she was fantastic in it. She rocks as an actor. Check it out people.

Kush – (Maverick Entertainment) Region 1 Review

I remember a few years ago, my friend telling me that he could tell me which houses on one of the main streets in the small town I grew up which were drug dealers. Sadly that friend got addicted to P which is a form of crystal meth, and apparently is losing teeth which is really sad, I want to help but I don’t know where to start or where he is now. That was one of my first experiences of how drugs really affect people. Over a year and half ago a young girl wanted to be added on my myspace page wanting publicity for her acting career, that person is Michelle Page, we have since become good life long friends and I have meet her and have help her in a small way with her career, and the first interview we did we discussed this film Kush.

This means that this review probably going to be bias because I think highly of her as person and her talent. This film is about drugs and drug dealing, the basic plot is that a bunch of young drug dealers make a bad deal by selling drugs to a risky crack head and get burnt out of thirty thousand dollars and decides to kidnap the crack head’s teenage brother. The performances are solid; they each bring something to the film. The leads are perfect as the drug dealers and give the performances depth, and yes Michelle Page is fantastic in this film playing Kat the sexy school girl, she plays the role fantastically, she got the role not just because of her amazing talent but because she simply a extremely beautiful girl which she suits the part well, Yes her role is small but she fantastic in it and was the highlight for me. She has done a lot of amazing work since she filmed this movie.

This film also to me is about how drugs and drug dealing affects the lives of the people around them. It is also good at showing the landscape of their world, the place they come from and the various people they interact from. The film seriously has a lot of drug taking in it, I was really quite surprised as some films I have seen mainly just talk about it and show it briefly but this film goes hardcore with the drug taking. It has a good amount of drama, action and worked at a pace that will keep viewers interested to find out what happens next and it’s directed well and really cast well. The soundtrack also adds a good element to the movie when it is need. It is well shot and shows realism throught out the move. James Debello and James Duvall will be the familiar faces in the movie well they are too me.

This film like a lot of other films about drugs will be hard to take for some people as it really does show the affects of how drugs affect people and their lives but for me it doesn’t change my views on drugs, I just won’t touch them. If it makes me not cool then so be it, Like it or not drugs aren’t going away anytime soon sadly like my mate who got addicted to P, this film does a good job of showing the affects of drugs and the people that that deal them and how the peoples lives revolve around them. I hope the film does well for them but the director York Shackleton has got work in the pipeline and so does all of the cast well I know Michelle does. It’s a good film that will leave you thinking about it for days and wanting to recommend it to people.

Another movie which I also highly recommend which does an excellent job of really showing affects of drugs is Godmoney it’s not set like this film but to do with one man trying to change his past and it maybe a little hard to find on DVD but pick up a copy if you can it’s well worth a watch.

Godmoney – (Image Entertainment) Region 1 Film Review

I reviewed Kush yesterday because the talented Michelle Page was in it and I wanted to see her amazing performance in it and at the end of the review I talk about this film Godmoney so I am going to review it for you all. Godmoney is different to Kush where it is about the main character Nathan played by first time actor Rick Rodney and lead singer of Strife where he trying to get away from his life of crime in New York and wants to find work in Hollywood but he ends up the suburbs of LA where he can’t get a decent job because of no social security number and where he lives he far away from anything. His room mate is after rent and befriends this guy name Matthew who is a drug dealer where basically he is at wits ends because of no luck of finding a job he works for Mathew but his life changes when Nathan is offered 20 thousand dollars to kill a rival dealer and has to decide if it’s worth it or not. Where Kush shows people having freedom and too much money Godmoney shows the effects of not having any money and not being able to get a job basically trying to survive and what we need to do to survive it and if crime really does help to survive. This film isn’t so much about drug dealing as Kush is; it’s one of the main points in the film but really more about surviving and trying to change your past when you have come from nothing which Godmoney is about unlike Kush which focuses on people have something. The acting is good, each main actor plays the characters well and make them believable, it is very well shot and looks really good for a low budget independent film, at times Darren Doane the director who has come from a music video background goes a little overboard in flashback scenes but that is fine and it looks good. Sorry Michelle but Godmoney sound track rocks with bands like Rollins Band, MXPX, Strife, Pennywise, AFI, Blink 182 and one of my favorite bands FAR. The DVD has loads of good extras 2 commentary tracks, interviews and behind the scenes footage and more, one which talks about real DIY film making which this film truly is. This film maybe hard to find but it’s really a must see film and you will discuss the issues raised in this film.

Quiet City And Dance Party USA – 2 Films By Aaron Katz (Benten Films)

I honestly haven’t seen a film in months, I rarely go to the cinemas no more, it’s not that I hate movies it’s just I am focused elsewhere now. I have time to, just nothing is interesting at the moment for me. But when I read about these two films by Aaron Katz, I knew I had to check them out. Films that actually sounded interesting to me at the moment and I was right on the money. Quiet City is a film about two people who meet by chance at a New York subway station who is meant to be meeting her friend who never shows up. It’s a really great film about two people who are strangers but on the course of 24 hours a unlike connection is formed. The two leads in this film are not actors and it makes the film far more believable and they both do a fantastic job, I hope we see more of them acting in the future. It was really nice to see a film that wasn’t about special effects and predictably and cliches and a film that takes it time to tell the story, so you can take it all in.

Dance Party USA is about two teenagers Jessica and Gus who meet at a 4 of July party who share a moment but the relationship goes stronger when Gus confronts Jessica with a troubling secret. This film is more heartfelt and heartbreaking than Quiet City, It reminded in parts of when I was a teenager and talking about who mates have hooked up with and yes I have been to plenty of house party’s like the one in the film. It’s a solid debut film for Aaron, it got great acting, good direction. I really liked how the film ended, it really worked well and thought it was a nice touch. i really connected to this film some how, like I have lied a few times about things and said things that I shouldn’t have, It to me felt like a real honest film which didn’t over do things, it just let things naturally happen and the characters spoke like they were real people and not forced. It was hard to me to choose which one I like best as I really enjoyed both of them. But I really dug Dance Party USA, it was a solid tender heartfelt coming of age film that really won me over and truly moved me.

I really loved the scores for both of the films,Both films have a good amount of extras that will give you insight into the films and also their are subtitles which is fantastic for an indie dvd company as not many seem to do it. Aaron Katz is a fantastic director and he has a huge amount of talent and that extends to any kind of Genre. These are seriously the best two films I have seen in ages even years, Highly Recommend by Me. These are the kinds of films I think we need to see more of, you make more films like these and you’ll get me in the cinemas as I haven’t been in a long time.

These films were made for hardly any money less than 3,000 dollars each and they are fantastic films and to me it shows good films don’t need a lot of money.

Spaceboy – Movie Review

Spaceboy is a sci fi/fantasy short film directed by Ransom Riggs which is about a teenager who is the ultimate outsider who is searching for UFOs and is dubbed space boy by his classmates and his older brother then a girl comes along. This is a really great short film, it reminded by of the good old days of cinema where films were made by people who wanted to make something special and not just for profit. I really connected with this film as I believed in the storyline and the main character of Max and I felt sympathy for him as we probably all the want the hot girl to confess some affection to a person like Max if we were like him in real life who to everybody is just a total loser and a easy target to pick on, secondly if you were being picked on and you believed in UFOs then going to space for a better life would be awesome. You are never quite sure what going to happen to Max and that really pulls you into the film and keeps you watching until the end. Yes the character of Max dreams of a better life in Space, we are never really sure if that happens or not and that what great about this film, there is a enough depth in the characters and storyline to pull us into Max world and how the people around respond to him. The character of Carrie who plays Max older brother girlfriend is a nice touch to the film as she starts to connect with him and she as character has heart and soul. This is one classy looking short, made by people who wanted to make a short film that is truly special. The cinematography is fantastic, Ransom Riggs does a solid job of directing this film and basically everything about this film is top notch, Arman Zajic is perfect as Max, he plays the character so well you believe in him and understand why he is the way he is. Michelle Page once again shows me why she is so good as an actor and why as a friend I give her all the praise I do, she gives a truly flawless performance as Carrie who is the boyfriend of the older brother who begins to understand him, she is just wonderful as Carrie and she has a heart and soul because begins to care about what happens to Max and wants to be there for him . Chris Emerson is also great as the older punk brother. I really enjoyed this short film as I got so involved in the movie and what was happening with the characters that it finished left me wanting more. I cared about what happened to Max and what he was going thru because some stage when I was younger I thought nobody got me and who I was about so I sorta connected with the character . The storyline to this was great, it was well written and the characters were fleshed out and you understood each of them and how they were and how they reacted to Max, This is a student film but it is a quality short film. It to me felt like a proper film and the director did a fantastic job as so do everyone involved in the film. Ransom Riggs has a bright future in Hollywood as he has created something that is truly truly special and shows of his directing skills and is way of making a film magical and is a joy to watch. The actors in this have bright futures especially Michelle Page for her wonderful performance and so do Arman Zajic and Chris Emerson who names you will all know in the near future. Go watch this short film. I truly loved it and I will be watching it again later on tonight.

Spaceboy Myspace Page for more info on the film and where you can get a copy of it

Standoff Episode – Road Trip

Wow is the word when it comes to Michelle Page performance in the episode Road Trip of the show Standoff. She was just literally amazing, you really really felt for her character. She gives a solid performance and was the standout for me in the episode, one to me that is award worthy. All the acting was really good. William Russ gave a solid performance, so did Shanna Collins & Bree Turner. I totally believe the acting and storyline, and one thing is for sure. Michelle Page is going to be the star of I Know Who Killed Me totally and is going to a future star in the making. I thought she was mind blowing in this episode. Man she was so good as Darah Keegan, I just wanted to give her a hug in the end. Thanks to Michelle for sending to me, you were totally amazing. I can’t wait to meet you and hang with you. You were mind blowing in this episode.

Kicking And Screaming (Hollywood DVD/Rainbow)

Before I start, yes I bought this cheap and know of the superior american dvd but I didn’t wanna purchase the film expensive and hate it.
This is the debut film for Noah Baumbach and is a slacker comedy/witty dialog about a group of people after they graduate. The film is good, it’s funny in places. the acting is good and Eric Stolz is Eric Stolz(sorry but I have seen in him in a few films and he seems to play the same kinda character or his delivery is the same). It may not be Squid & The Whale if your looking for that kinda film. It was enjoyable and will pick up the superior dvd. For the price I got this it was worth the watch. don’t expect it to be widescreen, it’s full screen with average transfer and sound is ok.

Cold Case Episode – The Good Bye Room

I really enjoyed the Cold Case episode �The Good Bye Room�, the story line is the cold case team investigate the events at a now abandoned home for unwed mothers that led to the death of a patient and the adoption of her infant. The storyline is really good, It has enough twist and turns to get interested until the end. It has a twist you never would see coming. The acting is top notch, they were all solid performances by the cast. Especially from Michelle Page (I Maybe Bias tho) and Johanna E. Braddy. Especially in the emotional scenes as you really felt for the characters and what they were going thru. I liked when Michelle character became sorry and felt something for Johanna character. Both to watch out for. All and all it was good espiode and I really enjoyed watching it. So when it airs in your country please go watch it. I will probably watch more Cold Case now as I am not normally a viewer.

Pee Zine Issue 30

I first started reading Pee Zine after I heard about it in
a street press mag
So I tracked down a copy. I have been a huge fan ever
I had never heard of a zine before I started reading
This is issue is fantastic. He now has gone A4.
You get pee zine compilation 2 with bands such as NOFX,Away
From Now,Frenzal Rhomb.
Interviews with bands like The Get Up Kids,Park even
Some review and editorials. Love the Scribe Review.
I highly recommend it it’s well worth the 11 or 12 dollars
for it
Because of reading pee and learing about zines. That how I
started mine.
Get yourself a copy now. Pee Zine for more

Long Gone Loser Issue 9

Damo has out done himself with this issue
You get heaps of good interviews with bands such as
Hellacopters,The Darkness.
and The Datsuns.
Even Alice Cooper features in the mag. Also interviews with
Dashboard Confessional,
Monster Magnet.
Plus an interview with Mary Carey who wanted to become
Governor of California.
Plus a bit of nudity.
This issue is good as you get so many good interviews plus
plenty of reviews.
It’s all good things rock’n’ roll.
Visit Long Gone
on to get a copy.Recommend reading.

Mary (Accent Film Entertainment)

This is showing at Melbourne International Film Festival
but Accent have the rights to film here for dvd/theatrical
release.I saw this last night and quite frankly was blown
away by this film. Abel Ferrara directed this film and
probably his best film to date. It is his take on The
Passion Of Christ story set in modern times. It is about
three people and their religion. One person is a director
who makes a film about the Jesus story, one person who is
an actor who became so involved with the character which
was Mary Magdalene that she leaves that all behind and goes
on her own spiritual quest and the other character is a
talk show host who does interviews about religion. The film
makes you think your faith and religion or if you believe
in religion This film doesn’t use violence to get it’s
message across unlike Passion Of The Christ, there is one
scene which involves violence but it isn’t heavy and full
on all the way threw with violence like the Gibson movie. I
liked the long scenes of driving thru the city at night and
cut to the scenes of the actor. The directing,acting and
cinematography and script to me is excellent. It stars
Matthew Modine, Juliette Binoche and Forest Whittaker plus
Heather Graham in a smaller size role. To me it really made
me think about my faith and religion and I really was blown
away so much I reckon it’s the best film of 2006 for me so
far. It’s so worth a look.


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