• April 21, 2021

New Music Sunday


Perth based Indie Pop Bernardine has just released her new single and music video ‘22’. The single was premiered via Roots N All on Triple J and the video via AAA Backstage

Bernardine creates and alluring brand of Indie Pop. Her atmospheric vocals cascade over a sea of shimmering guitars and synths, set in motion by downtempo sunset rhythms.

Her first album release found her acclaim as an illustrious Pop-Folk artist in Australia. Bernardine’s sound has since evolved, rousing the airwaves with luminescent nightfall anthems, each with the ability to entrance listeners in dark tropical bliss.

Born and raised in Perth, Australia, Bernardine learned piano and guitar as a child and began busking and performing. She studied music at university and played in various Indie bands before emerging as a solo artist and releasing her debut self-titled album in 2015.

The album received positive coverage from Tone DeafHappy Mag and ABC Radio National, whilst securing airplay on over 50 radio stations nationwide.

Bernardine recently teamed up with Sydney producer Tim McArtney to record her new single. 

‘22’ is available for download and streaming on all major online stores. 

Carsen Gray is a fresh artist offering soulful lyrics, a captivating voice and an energetic sound. Hailing from Haida Gwaii, BC, Carsen Gray is Haida Indigenous and mixed descent. An unstoppable force, Carsen has seen consistent growth on streaming platforms and a growing fanbase on social media. Carsen is Canada’s newest artist to bring Pop music infused with trap, Indigenous sounds and an R&B/soul touch.

Carsen’s newest single “Little One” is a piano ballad showcasing her powerful vocals. Written by her late friend, the song is about how children come into the world so pure and innocent, but our hearts become hardened as we grow older and experience the hardships of life. It was produced by Carsen’s dad who is also featured as the piano player in the official video.


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