• January 26, 2021

New Music Sunday

The amazing Nina has a new EP called Control featuring LAU. She is an excellent artist and this is a great EP.

Kate Boothman’s new single “17” was written in 20 minutes and emerged fully formed “I wrote it after a particularly heavy day during a particularly heavy time in my life. I was overworked, overwhelmed, under-slept, heartbroken, and generally confused. I got home at around 11 pm after being away for a while. I lay down on the floor for an hour and when I finally got up I wrote the entire song.”

The washed out folk track features twangy guitars, sweeping strings, and heavy bass. Lyrically, “17” is about that confidence and arrogance that comes with youth, and then all of a sudden you’re an adult and you realize you knew nothing. You look back and can’t help but examine everything you’ve learned and lost.

Katie Cole version of the Christmas carol O Holy Night is out now at all good digital retailers. It’s a great version worth your time.


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