• August 16, 2020

New Music Saturday

London, ON-based band Lost In Japan were inspired to write their newest single, “Ego,” while on tour for their first record.

Ego” is a building, anthemic indie rock track that’s been paired with a video that was shot after dark in the band’s hometown.

Evangeline Gentle’s fervent timbre is rich, sweet, and lush with vibrato. Their songwriting possesses authenticity and depth as rare and unique as their own journey.

Queer, and passionate about social justice, Evangeline believes in the good-naturedness of people and our capabilities of growing together.

You and I” is about human connection.

Jane’s Party‘s hook-heavy brand of organic indie rock has earned international acclaim via a diverse string of releases. The band combines colours and textures from various styles into a constantly-evolving sonic tapestry that can shapeshift from song to song, while staying consistently compelling and true to themselves.

The band’s newest release, “Change Her Mind,” explores the raw, stripped-down rock production of the 60’s and 70’s that initially inspired the song.

Wayley is the folk/pop alter-ego of Americana artist Andrew Sherriff. Most known for his work and success in the indie/folk duo Andrew & Veda, Sherriff has always had a passion for staying true to a genre while pushing musical boundaries.

Wayley’s debut single “What’s It Gonna Take” has anthem-style lyrics and large band sounds, and is about standing up for oneself.

Newcastle based Indie Electronic maestro Foemen has just released his new single and video ‘In A Memory’, which was premeired via The Music.

‘In A Memory’ is the follow-up from single and video ‘Bones’, which was released earlier in 2020. Both singles were recorded by award winning producer Dave Hammer (Lime CordialeRoThundamentalsTuka.)

‘Bones’ was quickly added for airplay on ABC Rage and received positive reviews via Triple J Unearthed

Foemen has spent the past year perfecting his live show at venues across NSW and has built a strong fan base with his dark and catchy brand of Synthwave. The genre-bending songsmith draws inspiration from pivotal soundtracks from the 80’s such as Terminator and Blade Runner.

New single ‘In A Memory’ is available for download and streaming on all major online stores.


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